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According to my doctor I need to eat more fiber. I'm not a fan of whole wheat bread and bran flakes, so how may I best increase the fiber in my diet? ... — Janice, ONTARIO
According to your weight calculator I need to eat 1845 calories a day to obtain my ideal weight of 110 pounds in 12.5 weeks. I'm female, 5'2", 22 years old and currently at 135 lbs. Do I really need... — Kristen, UT
Are Luna Bars a good snack?... — Jolie, NY
As a medical student, I have no time to prepare food and often have to eat whatever I can carry in my pocket or face the cafeteria. Besides "sports-bars" and carrots, can you suggest nutrient-dense, ... — Kimberly, CA
Both my husband and I are diabetic. What are the best ways to create interesting and healthy foods for our meals? ... — Ginger, MD
Do the 7 main food groups need to be in an average daily intake of food? ... — Rebecca, West Yorkshire
Do you know of a good program that works with either Palm or Visor to keep track of your diet and exercise schedule? ... — J. Frank
Do you recommend not eating carbohydrates? I have been told to limit carbs (no pastas, rice, beans or bread) from a diet plan in our local town. When I did limit these foods I did lose weight, but ití... — Carmelite, FL
Every day I have a morning snack of an apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter. Is this okay? I know peanut butter is high in fat but it seems to keep me satisfied until lunchtime.... — Clairey, NJ
Every day I take a calcium supplement, drink eight ounces of milk and eight ounces of calcium-fortified orange juice and eat four ounces of yogurt on my cereal in the morning. Is this the best way to ... — Beth, DC
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