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About FoodFit


It's wonderful to welcome you to FoodFit! You are a special person—and we want you to know how much we value you. is three years old, but it is the result of decades of experience in food, fitness and health. I've dedicated over 25 years to promoting healthy food and nutrition for consumers. I started out by inviting a few neighbors to form a local consumer group, and ended up as the Under Secretary of Agriculture for Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services (the top official in charge of all the nation's food programs)—where I changed the nutrition standards so kids now have healthier, better-tasting school lunches. Along the way I've learned invaluable lessons about health and food, which we applied in full measure when we created FoodFit.

What is FoodFit?

FoodFit is a recognized national leader in providing ideas, information and—best of all—interactive tools designed to help you eat healthfully and be active. Nowadays, it's truly a challenge to find time to eat well and be fit. FoodFit gives you what you need—chef-created recipes, shortcuts, tips, news, information—to help you put nutritious, convenient, delicious meals on the table and otherwise energize your life. And as of November 2002, we have taken another important step: FoodFit has created a premier service—the FoodFit Plan—to help subscribers truly personalize their path to good health. The Plan features a new Diet and Fitness Plan created just for us by the University of California, Davis Medical Center. The plan is based on the latest scientific recommendations from the National Academy of Sciences, published in September 2002. Now you can lose or maintain weight in the healthiest way, while eating great-tasting food!

What makes FoodFit different?

FoodFit is a complete healthy lifestyle plan. In one stop, you can get everything you need to know and use to lead a healthy, active life. We have an incredible team of nutritionists, fitness experts and leading chefs supporting and advising us. They share their experiences and knowledge throughout the site, whether it's secrets to a simple, great soup, what fruits and vegetables are in season now, or whether to do crunches every day. We have forged relationships with important Resource Associations to guarantee that the information we bring you is credible and cutting edge. And we have created interactive tools to help you assess your diet and lifestyle, and, most importantly, you can customize that information to meet your specific needs.

We hope you will visit us often and tell us what you like and dislike and what you want to see next. This site is meant to make your life simpler and easier. Tell us how. Please e-mail us at .

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Ellen Haas

Ellen Haas
Founder and CEO

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