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PRESS COVERAGE Best of the Web, 2000

The Good Life/Health
May 22, 2000

FoodFit is the kind of site that truly makes using the Internet to improve your health fun and functional. The site is a breeze to use, and bursting with excellent information on healthy living and nutrition. Use the homepage's "Get Started" section and take a quick quiz on your weekly dietary habits. A personal profile is immediately provided with complete analysis in ten categories such as the major food groups and physical activity. This analysis includes special recipes and other links tailored to your specific needs. You can then have new, personal recipes and tips emailed to you throughout the year. Other sections, including seasonal food updates, cooking tips and health calculators make this site a perfect one-stop culinary upgrade shop. Whether you're looking to overhaul your nutritional intake, or just trying to fine tune or diversify your diet, be sure to bookmark FoodFit and let its network of 100 of the world's greatest chefs email you the rest.

BEST: The personal FoodFit profile is an excellent and easy way to improve your diet.

WORST: Unless you have a computer in your kitchen, filling out the Pantry Stocker can become a two-stage process, but if you have messy handwriting, you'll never skip an item at the grocer's again.

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