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About FoodFit Resource Associations

Our Resource Associations are a unique grouping of the most authoritative sources of information for us to draw upon. They help us throughout the development and creation of the site: from developing tools to providing credible advice to our members to ensuring the accuracy of our content.

logoAmerica on the Move
America on the Move™ is a nationwide movement to encourage people to move more and eat less. It is available to individuals, corporations, schools and community organizations. Interested participants can get involved at Visit the website to find helpful tips, resources, and fun ideas that help people take simple steps to life healthier lives!

logoAmerican Institute for Cancer Research
The nation's leading charity in the field of diet, nutrition, and cancer prevention. AICR provides programs in both cancer research and cancer education, helping to bring recent and reliable research results to consumers in a form which can help the public make changes for lower cancer risk.

logoAmerican Dietetic Association
Founded in 1917, ADA's nearly 69,000 members in the US and abroad help shape the food choices and impact the nutritional status of the public. The membership includes dieticians, dietetic technicians, students and others holding baccalaureate and advanced degrees in nutrition and dietetics.

logoAmerican Council on Exercise
ACE is committed to promoting active, healthy lifestyles and their positive effects on the mind, body and spirit. ACE pledges to enable all segments of society to enjoy the benefits of physical activity and protect the public against unsafe and ineffective fitness products and instruction.

logoAmerican Society for Clinical Nutrition
Founded in 1959, ASCN is the premier scientific society for clinical nutritionists in medicine and the health sciences. ASCN's goals include promoting and publicizing the professional applications of nutrition science in health promotion, disease prevention and patient care.

logoAmerican Running Association
The American Running Association (formerly the American Running and Fitness Association) is a nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to providing support through programs and sound information on fitness, training, nutrition, and injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

The Institute For Cancer Prevention
The American Health Foundation was founded on the belief that cancer and other chronic diseases are not inevitable. A nonprofit, independent prevention research and health promotion organization, AHF pursues a unique breadth and depth of research focusing on identifying environmental, dietary and lifestyle factors that could be detrimental to health.

logoRoad Runners Plan of America
A national association of not-for-profit running clubs dedicated to promoting long distance running as a competitive sport and as healthful exercise. RRCA's mission is to represent and promote the common interest of its member clubs and individual runners through education, leadership, programs and other services. Its membership includes over 630 clubs and 180,000 runners.
The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease——promotes early detection, accurate diagnosis and proper treatment for women. It is the only national organization founded by women with heart disease dedicated to reducing death and disability among the 8 million American women living with heart disease. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women.

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