Fit Food highlights 21 powerhouse foods, from blueberries to broccoli, soy to salmon, which are full of health-giving nutrients. You’ll learn how the fit foods can help you maintain a healthy weight, protect against chronic disease and boost your vitality. You’ll also learn how to incorporate these foods into your daily diet with helpful cooking advice. Fit Food offers:

Top-notch nutrition information that is easy to understand

Tips on to how shop with the seasons for the freshest, most flavorful food

Delicious, easy-to-make recipes from some of America’s top chefs

“If you tell your family that you’ve prepared a low fat entrée, they’ll start worrying that they’ll be eating something bland and disappointing. So don’t…They’ll never guess they’re eating low-fat food and they definitely won’t be disappointed.”

— The Washington Post

“Featuring 200 mouthwatering recipes, Fit Food is a must when it comes to good, and good for you, eats.”

— At Home Arkansas

“This isn’t a hop-on-the-bandwagon healthy eating cookbook. It’s written by someone who understands healthy eating from its scientific reasoning to the practical considerations.”

— The Milwaukee Journal

“…The book aims to help people make better food and fitness choices in the context of today’s busy lives and the bounty of delicious options.”

— The Dallas Morning News

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