You’re home from the beach, though you’re still shaking sand from everyone’s shoes! After a fun-filled summer, the school year is about to start and the kids are ready and eager. Earn high marks from your children with our yummy, good-for-you snacks and lunches. Get nutrition advice from an expert. Plus, how you can make sure your school serves healthy lunches.

Ten Healthy Snacks

Cut-up veggies
Plain popcorn
Fruit slices
Whole-grain crackers
Low-fat cheese sticks

Kid-Friendly Meals to Love

Carne Asada Tacos

Crunchy Pork Cutlets

Funky Fresh Fruit Kebabs

Find these and 200 other sure-to-be favorites

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Nutrition Smarts
What your child eats can really make in a difference in how well they do in school. A top pediatric nutritionist offers helpful tips and guidance on feeding youngsters, including picky eaters!

School Lunches
Nowadays, most schools serve fresh vegetables, but it wasn't always that way. Only a decade ago, FoodFit founder Ellen Haas made a big difference when she overhauled the school lunch program to make it healthier.

After-School Snacks
Popular L.A. Chef Mary Sue Milliken shares fun, easy-to-make, healthy, after-school snacks that she enjoys with her own son, Declan.

Wholesome Suppers
Meet the “makeover moms,” a pair of energetic moms and dietitians who have given dozens of kid-friendly recipes a nutritional facelift, and learn their techniques.

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