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The low–carbohydrate craze may be over, but being mindful of the kind of carbs you eat is still central to healthy diet. There ARE good carbs and bad carbs and knowing the difference can help you slim down and maintain a healthy weight. Get the information you need in our guide.

Fruit Carb Counts:
Avocado, ½ medium1g
Raspberries, ½ c.4g
Strawberries, 87g
Apple, ½ medium10g
What are net carbs?

What's your favorite low-carb snack?
Nuts (42%)
String cheese (21%)
Strawberries (23%)
Celery (6%)
Turkey slice (9%)

Uncle Sam's Diet
Eat lots of vegetables and make half your grains whole. Sound familiar? It’s not the latest fad diet, but the advice in the government’s Dietary Guidelines, which is shaping up to be one of the big diet stories of 2005.

Simply not Complex
When it comes to carbs, we’ve all heard the terms simple and complex. But what does it really mean? Get the answers and learn about the carbs of choice from an expert.

More Info for the Carb-Conscious:

Does the idea of chicken salad with walnuts and endive spears make your mouth water? Enjoy it and other gorgeous chef-created recipes tailored to a low-carb diet.

FoodFit nutritionist Christine Palumbo explains how the glycemic index works and answers a reader’s question about whether to eliminate carbs.

Plan Exclusive: Salmon makes a great main dish for a low-carb meal. Try famous Seattle seafood chef Tom Douglas’s recipe for Sake Steamed Sockeye Salmon.

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