Everybody has cholesterol. The key is not to have too much. High cholesterol puts you at a greater risk for heart disease but has no symptoms, so many people are unaware that they have this condition. Learn all about cholesterol, from your ideal cholesterol level to the powerful relationship between food and cholesterol. Test your knowledge by taking our quiz!

Smart Food Choices
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How often do you get your cholesterol checked?
Once a year
Once every five years

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Cholesterol 101
What is cholesterol anyway? Get the basics in our guide, Cholesterol 101.

Diet and Exercise
Eating healthy foods and exercising regularly can help you lower your cholesterol. Learn more.

Eggs Advice
Eggs are tremendously wholesome, but they are loaded with cholesterol. Read the latest expert recommendations on eating eggs.

Your Ideal Level
Experts suggest having your cholesterol checked every five years beginning at age 20. Our chart explains what healthy levels of cholesterol are.

Quiz Yourself
Can you tell your "good" cholesterol from your "bad" cholesterol? Measure your knowledge with our short quiz.

Low-Cholesterol Recipes:

What's Cooking?
Mashed ripe bananas are a great substitute for butter or oil in chocolate desserts. Get our chef's healthy cooking and baking tips.
More Cholesterol News:


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