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Pan Roasted Scallops with Mandarins and Chickpeas
Allen Susser, Chef Allen's, Aventura, FL
Spinach, Grapefruit and Almond Salad
Asian Grilled Chicken Breasts
Cranberry-Walnut Muesli
Smoked Salmon Crepes with Cream Cheese
Rick Tramonto, Tru, Chicago, IL
Banana-Berry Power Smoothie
Pasta with Heirloom Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella, Basil and Balsamic Vinegar
Nora Pouillon, Restaurant Nora, Washington, DC
Fresh Fruit with Maple-Vanilla Yogurt Dip
  Simply Grilled Salmon
Grilled Portobello Sandwich with Roasted Red Peppers

Eating a healthy diet and staying active is so important to living a longer, stronger life. But given our busy schedules, it's often difficult to find the time to take care of ourselves by eating well and exercising. Luckily, with a little bit of planning and some inspiration, you can eat quick, nutritious meals every day of the week. We'll also show you how simple lifestyle activities can be as beneficial as a traditional gym-based workout. So take advantage of these timesaving tips and get fit fast!
Keep in mind that making healthy meals is easy if you plan ahead. FoodFit chefs Mary Sue Milliken and partner Susan Feniger, owners of Border Grill in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, say, “go to the market on Sunday morning and take the kids so they get really involved in picking out the fruits and vegetables. Then prep it all. Everything gets washed, spun dry, put in plastic bags or wrapped in towels. It makes that last-minute cooking a lot quicker, not to mention healthier.” Get started by browsing our full collection of quick and easy recipes, then use our Pantry Stocker to check off what ingredients you need. Print the list, grab the kids and you're ready to hit the market!
Get started on the path to lifelong weight loss with the FoodFit Plan, our healthy lifestyle program. You'll enjoy customized, daily meal plans with chef-created recipes that are simple to prepare and full of flavor. The Plan is flexible, easy and proven to get results. Losing weight has never been more enjoyable!

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