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Portion control is a diet buzzword you need to know. Learn the secrets to this healthy lifestyle trend.

The government has replaced the 20-year-old Food Guide Pyramid with a sleek, bright-colored new design called MyPyramid (www.mypyramid.gov), based on the 2005 Dietary Guidelines. Get highlights of Uncle Sam's recommendations for a healthy lifestyle.

Use clues from the Food Guide Pyramid to teach your children about healthy food choices. Put your little "sleuths" in charge of your shopping list and see what items they can identify as good-for-you foods.

Do you know the recommended size of a serving of pasta? Or how many servings of leafy vegetables per day are recommended by the new Dietary Guidelines?
Find out — take our portion quiz and rate yourself!
Get Up-to-Date on Nutrition

Are you watching your carbs and your cholesterol? Here are the 101's on those and other nutrients important to your health.
Carb Counter's Guide
Cholesterol 101
Protein 101
How to Read the Label

Nutrition Facts labels offer information at a glance. Check our chart for quick lessons on getting the most out of the facts.
Healthy Weight Calculator

Figure out your healthy weight and find out how to get there. You'll also see how many calories you burn doing the activities you love.

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