FoodFit for the Holidays: Your source for healthy, holiday recipes. Get delicious, healthy Christmas recipes including Christmas cookie recipes, holiday menus, holiday entertaining ideas and chef-recommended holiday dishes.

Happy holidays! Christmas is a time to celebrate the spirit of the season and sit down at a table filled with family, friends and food. FoodFit has put together a collection of chef-created menus, nutritious recipes and fun ideas to make this Christmas your easiest and tastiest ever.

Top Five Cookie Recipes

  1. Pecan Shortbread
  2. Chocolate-Cranberry Clusters
  3. Orange Good Luck Cookies
  4. Lemon Bars
  5. Chocolate Raspberry Meringues

Featured Chef

Nora Pouillon
Celebrated Chef Nora Pouillon takes us to Austria for Christmas, where she shares her holiday traditions, recipes for a spectacular Christmas Eve dinner and more.

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