The Festival of Lights is a joyous time. Little ones thrill in the nightly lighting of the menorah, the spirited songs and stories, and the special foods, games and gifts. For adults, Hanukkah is also a meaningful celebration of freedom. We've gathered delicious, chef-created, healthy fare to make your holiday more special than ever this year.

Top Sweet Treats
Acclaimed Chef Joan Nathan lightens up these traditional recipes:

Steven Raichlen
Award-winning Chef Steven Raichlen is master at creating high-flavor, low-fat food. Get his recipe for a healthier version of latkes, a traditional Hanukkah food.

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Enjoy savory, round-shaped Hanukkah nibbles developed for the holiday by FoodFit Executive Chef Bonnie Moore. You'll love her mini latkes, buckwheat pancakes and more.

Apples abound, so try homemade traditional or kid-friendly applesauce. For something new and different, go for pearsauce.

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