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Weight Loss Facts & Tips (cont.)
by Christine Palumbo, RD

3. Serving Sizes Are Surprising

Resign your membership in the "clean plate club." Take the time to learn what ideal portion sizes should look like. Use Nutrition Facts labels, scales, measuring cups and spoons. For example, take bagels. Many bagels are four to five ounces, far more than the government's definition of a bagel, which is only two ounces. The widening difference between the way we define a serving size and the way the government defines it may be part of the reason so many people are having trouble limiting their calories—and gaining weight in the process.

4. You CAN Dine Out and Diet

Restaurants are notorious for serving portions that are double or triple normal size. And they've "trained" us to eat far more than we should! Remember when appetizers were just that—a cup of consommé or small portion of an item? Now many appetizers have more fat and calories than an entire meal. Steer clear of them unless you want one as your entrée.

Share entrees, or eat only half and take the rest home. And desserts? They've become huge and pack on plenty of fat and calories. Forget most of them, unless you can share. One of FoodFit's nutritionists, Ann Coulston has more tips to share.

5. Enough Exercise Is Essential

People who successfully lose weight and keep it off cite one critical factor—exercise. But don't count on a little exercise to do the trick. The American Dietetic Association recommends you start by walking 30 minutes for 3 days a week and build to 45 minutes of more intense walking at least 5 days a week. Unfortunately, exercise alone, without calorie restriction, is unlikely to produce weight loss. Jump-start your metabolism with enough calorie burning exercise, especially weight-training.

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