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There's no doubt that Americans love to eat breakfast out. In fact, according to the National Restaurant Association's consumer survey last year, the average adult eats out or takes out breakfast one morning every week. But more and more people are ordering breakfast foods for meals later in the day, too. And why not? By making smart nutritional choices, breakfast foods can make a healthy, well-rounded and delicious meal at any hour.

Many restaurants have responded to the all-day breakfast trend and one café in particular has come up with a fun new twist. Cereality, with locations in many states across the nation, is a breakfast bar offering just what the name suggests - cereal, and a whole lot of it. Here you can mix and match high-fiber, whole grain cereals with fruit toppings and calcium-rich milk for a nutrient-packed meal any time of day. And the best part? With so many different combinations to try, the possibilities are endless and each bowl is truly an original. You'll never be bored by that same old cereal again!

Others are promoting breakfast 24/7 as part of their regular menus. The Bistro in Indianapolis, IN features "Breakfast All Day Long", offering burritos, omelets, "The Morning Sandwich" and four different breakfast platters. The Day by Day Café in St. Paul, MN got so many raves for its all-day breakfasts that it has posted customer reviews on its website. "Day by Day proves that eggs and cakes are also inviting night by night," writes one satisfied customer. Says another: "Do you like to sleep till noon? Breakfast whenever you want it is one of the charms of the Day by Day Café."

All-day breakfasts are such a draw in Baltimore that the Baltimore City Paper online lists restaurants that are open 24 hours for breakfast - there are seven listed.

So next time you're contemplating what's for lunch or dinner, just think breakfast - it's healthy, delicious and likely to be on the menu at a restaurant near you all day long.


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