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Make a delicious holiday meal with FoodFit's Chefs.

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Shopping with FoodFit

Searching for the perfect present? Let FoodFit be your holiday helper. The site is a goldmine of gift ideas, from how-to guides for buying workout gear to mouth-watering treats to special books that are close to our hearts.

Gifts for Fitness-Lovers

Take What to Look For When Buying a Treadmill by fitness expert Carol Krucoff to the store with you if you're thinking of setting a loved one in motion for Christmas or Hanukkah. It tells you how to choose a quality machine — from how much horsepower to look for to the appropriate safety features. Same goes for our guides to stationary bikes, as well as smaller sticker price fitness gear like jump ropes, pedometers and free weights. All make awesome gifts.

Gifts for the Cook

If you're shopping for a cook, scour our Pots and Pans Picks or sharpen your knowledge about knives. You'll learn why it's better to give a mix of pots and pans rather than a set and the difference between a chef's knife and a serrated knife. After all, these are key tools that can make or break time in the kitchen and they don't come cheap, so it's important to do your homework.

Gifts from Your Kitchen

If you're aiming for the stomach, garner lots of oohs and aahhs by making our special-occasion-only Bailey's Irish Cream Truffles or Chocolate Covered Strawberries. They may sound like a challenge, but actually they're simple to make. Chocolate Raspberry Meringues are healthy enough for an everyday treat. If the recipient isn't a fan of sweets find a beautiful bottle and make Raspberry Vinegar. Delicacies like these make delightful, delectable presents and recipients will appreciate the homemade touch.

Gifts for Your Library

Check your favorite bookstores for the books that have been the inspiration for so many articles on the site — starting with Great Adventures in Food by FoodFit founder and CEO Ellen Haas. It's a celebration of good eating with helpful facts about food, recipes, and an abundance of tips on how to bring the family together around the dinner table. Parents with young children who are just beginning to explore with their tastebuds will be particularly grateful. You can buy our latest book, Fit Food, right here on the site. It's packed with top chef-created recipes and valuable nutrition advice that will help you stay fit whether you're dieting or not.

Fitness contributors Carol Krucoff and Caroline Silby have books to help you get fit inside and out. Healing Moves was written with Carol's husband, Mitchell Krucoff, a renowned cardiologist. Caroline, a sports psychologist, puts her motivational expertise into practice with Games Girls Play.

FoodFit contributing chefs Steven Raichlen and Joyce Goldstein both have brand-new books out this season. Healthy Jewish Cooking puts Steven's low-fat touch on family classics while Joyce's Sephardic Flavors — Jewish Cooking of the Mediterranean is a celebration of bright, fresh flavors from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Turkey.

Many FoodFit Chefs have cookbooks. Buy them here at great prices!.



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