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Celebrate Thanksgiving

Regional Menus: Mid-West

For all Americans, Thanksgiving is a holiday for family, friends and loved ones to be grateful for their time together and celebrate the bounty of nature's harvest. But when it comes to food, differences can appear based on regional touches.

Try one of our four regional Thanksgiving menus featuring chef-created recipes to help you mark the holiday wherever your American roots may be. Full of fresh, seasonal ingredients, our menus will bring warmth, taste and spirit to your holiday table.

This menu captures the flavors of the Mid-West.

Relish Tray
Toasted Nuts

Main Course:
Honey-Baked Ham

Roasted Baby Carrots
Corn and Shell Bean Succotash
Bob Kinkead, Kinkead's Restaurant, Washington, DC
Easy Mashed Potatoes

St. Supery Pumpkin Pie
Sunny Cristadoro, St. Supery Winery, Rutherford, CA


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