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Nutrition Smarts

Winning Wake-Ups

"My brother Jim used to preach: Eat a breakfast fit for a king, lunch like a common man and dinner like a pauper before the sun sets," says Chef Bill Wavrin of the celebrated Rancho la Puerta spa in Mexico. "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day."

Too bad we can't all live at the ranch. We may not take the dinner advice, but Chef Wavrin hit the nail on the head about breakfast.

Head Start On The Day

Eating a healthy breakfast gives you a nutritional head start on the day.
A breakfast that's high in fiber and carbohydrates but low in fat gets your metabolism moving faster. It also makes it easier to work your way up the Food Pyramid.

Studies demonstrate that children who are breakfast-eaters score almost a whole grade higher.

Attention dieters: research shows that skipping breakfast does not aid weight loss, since people are more likely to eat a higher fat snack or lunch a few hours later.

That said, most people barely have time to shower and dress in the morning, let alone sit down for a healthy breakfast. Here are some ideas for fast, winning wake-ups.

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AVOID MORNING MADNESS. Prep the night before. Set the table, and take out any necessary cooking equipment. Make muffins, mixed fruit compote, baked apples or hot cereal that can be warmed fast in the microwave.

KEEP IT LEAN: Use richly flavored fat-free fruit butters or yogurt cheese as a spread on toast or bagels. Try cottage cheese and chopped fruit in a tortilla roll-up sandwich. Top low-fat waffles or pancakes with applesauce instead of butter and syrup.

DON'T FORGET THE OJ: Have juice, milk or water along with your coffee. Eating a piece of fruit actually provides longer-lasting energy than drinking juice since it's digested more slowly.

EGG-CETERA: Eggs are a great source of vitamins, minerals and high-quality proteins. Egg yolks, unfortunately, are also high in cholesterol. The American Heart Association says that egg yolks should be limited to four per week, so make egg dishes with one whole egg and two egg whites per serving. This formula works for French toast, scrambled eggs and omelets. To save time, whisk and season the eggs the night before.

INSTANT OPTIONS: Oversleep? Here are some healthy breakfasts that take seconds: toast spread with peanut butter and slices of banana, a bag of fiber-rich dried cereal with raisins and nuts added, a low-fat granola bar or a hard-boiled egg.

WEEKEND TREATS: Plan a leisurely breakfast, such as pancakes or French toast, for Saturday or Sunday, and stockpile some for weekday mornings. The same goes for muffins. Wrap them individually and freeze them. They'll microwave in a minute.

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