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Ten Light Holiday Delights

The holidays are upon us and that means trying—again—to avoid the plates of cookies and candy that line our homes and offices. It's tough to resist those once-a-year treats, especially when they're homemade. In fact, in our online Holiday Survey, over 66 percent of you told us that cookies and desserts are the holiday foods that you overindulge in during the season.

This year, instead of either giving into those sugar cookies or depriving yourself completely, we've created a list of ten delicious and light treats to give and enjoy this year. They are so sensational, your family and friends may never know that you've put their favorite treats on a diet!

Chocolate Angel Cake with
Oranges and Chocolate Sauce
149 calories    
Peppermint Hot Chocolate 218 calories
Chocolate Raspberry Yule Log 271 calories
Sour Cherry Pecan Biscotti 139 calories
Chocolate-Cranberry Clusters 72 calories
Classic Rugelach 46 calories
Bailey's Irish Cream Truffles 37 calories
Pecan Shortbread Tea Cookies 103 calories
Chocolate Meringues 24 calories
Spiced Pumpkin Bread 125 calories


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