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Gardening is a fantastic way to improve muscle tone and burn calories. Get started with these great tips.

Our Spring Guide to Fruits and Vegetables tells you what's in season now and how to pick the best produce.

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Spring Renewal: Energize your body, mind and kitchen!

Each season has its own mood. Crisp fall weather makes us want to sip hot chocolate and wear our favorite sweaters, while spring inspires us to shed heavy winter clothes and run through the green grass. There's a sense of newness and fresh opportunities for life. Spring is the time to make changes and foster new attitudes for the coming months. To help you get started, here are ten ways to bring the joy of spring into your life!


Update your pantry. Stock up now for spring and summer essentials like pickles, mustard, catsup and barbecue sauce. Make sure to throw out cans, seasonings and boxed mixes that are out of date. Clean out your fridge while you're at it—it will be more efficient at keeping things cool if it's not crowded with unnecessary items.


Nothing says spring like freshly cut flowers. Whether you treasure tulips or prefer peonies, treat yourself and brighten up your dinner table with a wonderful bouquet.


A few herb plants like rosemary and basil can do wonders for your spring dishes.You can keep herbs on a sunny counter top or windowsill. If you have the space and a somewhat green thumb, now's the time to get outside and plant your own herb garden.


Whether you're a mountain biker or a road warrior, take your bike into the shop for a full tune-up now so that you're ready to ride as soon as warm weather hits. If you're training to achieve optimal fitness, try using a heart rate monitor.


Warmer days mean dining al fresco! Improve your skills on the grill with a refresher course from grilling guru Steven Raichlen.


Get in touch with what's in season in your region with a trip to the farmer's market. Most markets around the country are open by early to mid-April, so put on your good walking shoes and grab your basket; it's time to taste the season's freshest picks.


If you haven't been running since last fall, it may be time for new shoes. A good pair is integral to preventing injuries with such a high impact sport. The American Running Association can help you determine if it's time for a new pair. With great shoes, you'll be itching to train for your first marathon.


Give your kitchen a fresh look in five minutes. How, you ask? A new set of dish towels with a bright color or fresh print can perk up a tired looking kitchen.


Longer days ahead provide a great opportunity to fit in fitness. Get up a half an hour earlier each morning to take the dog on an extra long walk, do a yoga video or some early morning gardening.


Get in touch with friends you haven't talked to since New Year's. Buy a box of fun cards and send a note to ten of your friends—it doesn't have to be lengthy—just a few words to let them know you're thinking about them. It's guaranteed to make them smile.


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