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Holiday Planner

Each year you tell yourself that you're going to be more prepared for the next holiday season, right? This year FoodFit's going to help you keep that promise and save you added stress and gray hairs. Preparing for holiday meals and parties takes a lot of effort and planning and we sometimes forget about what's really important—having a good time! This handy list will help you fit in your shopping, cooking and even your workouts. Now all you need to do is buy the presents and schedule a massage!

First Two Weeks of December
Plan your menu.
If serving a specialty meat, seafood or poultry item, order it from your butcher or seafood supplier.
Make and freeze cookie dough, pie and tart crusts to have on hand throughout the season. You can also buy them already made and just stick them in the freezer.
Revise workout schedule to accommodate holiday plans. Sign up for our Get a Good Start program to help give you a jump-start on health in the New Year.
Make or buy a fresh soup to freeze for an easy meal during the holiday rush or for the first course of your holiday dinner.
Stock up on easy nibbles like cheese, crackers and spreads.
Begin thinking about your centerpiece and how you wish to assemble it. Is there a favorite vase or bowl that you would like to use? Remember, poinsettias, fresh winter fruit, nuts in shells, candles, holly berries and leaves and pine tree branches can come together to make a lovely centerpiece.
Have kids gather pinecones, pine tree branches, and holly berries to strew about the table for a festive addition to your centerpiece. For extra sparkle, spray paint them gold or silver.
Make homemade gifts from the kitchen for friends and family.
Third Week of December
Hanukkah starts on the night of December 16th this year. Get ready to bake low fat rugelach and baked soufganiyot (doughnuts) for your Hanukkah celebration.
After you peel and grate the potatoes for the latkes, your kids can squeeze out the excess water and stir the potato mixture together. Kids can also spoon the latkes onto the baking sheet before they go into the oven.
all non-perishables
dried fruit
sparkling wine, wine, juices and other beverages
potatoes, winter squash, sweet potatoes and parsnips
potted plants like poinsettias
Make relishes, pickles and vinaigrettes to have on hand and store in the refrigerator.
Defrost cookie dough and make and decorate cookies.
December 23rd
Set the table and arrange centerpiece, candles and any other decorations.
main course item (ham, brisket, Cornish game hens, turkey) from the butcher or grocery store
fresh vegetables and greens
fresh fruits and apple cider
fresh flowers for a winter-themed centerpiece
December 24th
lobster if serving lobster
fresh bread
Defrost dough for desserts.
Make quick breads and cookies.
Marinate meat in the refrigerator.
December 25th
Cook Christmas dinner and enjoy time with family and friends!
Hanukkah begins. Light the first candles on the menorah and make latkes with your family.
December 26th
Kwanzaa begins.
December 28th
Take inventory of your pantry and refrigerator and replenish non-perishables and beverages.
Buy decorations, noisemakers, film for the camera, etc. for New Year's Eve.
December 30th
Make and/or buy a bunch of appetizers for your New Year's Eve celebration and store them in the refrigerator.
Buy any fruits, vegetables or cheeses that you need for the party.
December 31st
Heat up hot appetizers and prepare any that couldn't be made in advance.
Chill Champagne or sparkling wine.
Ring in 2006!
January 1st
Celebrate Kwanzaa with the festive communal meal called Karumu.


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