Know Your Spuds!

Purple Viking:
A crisp, fresh, starch-free potato that is good for mashed potatoes.
Red Bliss and Red Dakota:   Red-skinned potatoes that are excellent for roasting, as well as all-around favorites for potato salad.
Russet or Idaho:   Your basic baking potato, Russets are also excellent for mashed potatoes.
Russian Banana:   A golden-skinned, yellow-fleshed potato that is very tender and buttery with a low starch content, so it's excellent for roasting.
Yellow Fingerling:   A moist, flavorful potato that lives up to its name, Fingerlings are great for roasting particularly with other juicy vegetables.
Yellow Finn:   A lighter-skinned, yellow- fleshed potato that has a fresh, buttery, creamy flavor, good boiled or baked.
Yukon Gold:   A versatile, very tender, buttery, yellow-fleshed potato that is excellent for roasting, baking or mashing.

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