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Winter Bean Soups are always a crowd-pleaser.

Pizza is a Super Bowl favorite. Make your own with these winning recipes.

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Recipe Revue

Super Bowl Eats

First Quarter Fare

Kick off the game with Roasted Red Pepper Spread or Sun Dried Tomato Dip. Both go well with cut up vegetables, wedges of pita bread, baked tortilla chips or Steve Raichlen's Low-Fat Chips. Your guests will be so busy munching during the opening drive, they won't care which team is scoring. For the spread, roasted red peppers are blended with dill and non-fat cream cheese and non-fat sour cream for a smooth sensation. The dip has the same creamy base, but it draws its rich flavor from a line-up of sun-dried tomatoes and balsamic vinegar.

Passing Game

While the offense is mounting an aerial attack, score with your own passing game—Skewered Chicken Satay. Tender chicken breasts marinate in a sweet/hot blend of coconut milk, lime juice, chili pepper, ginger and other spices, then are grilled to perfection. Take the heat out by dipping the skewers in Cucumber Yogurt Sauce.

Half Time

You'll win fans when you lay out Grilled Tandoori Chicken on a half-time buffet. This classic, spicy chicken dish is well-complemented by a tangy Lemon Yogurt Sauce. Serve it with Basmati Rice and a simple green salad for a culinary touchdown.

Special Teams

If these dishes don't whet your appetite, there's plenty more Super Bowl-suited fare on the site. What about a delicious Guacamole followed by some savory Ancho Turkey Chili with Roasted Corn? Or check out the recipes in our Tailgate Party Recipe Revue.


Roasted Red Pepper Spread
Sun dried Tomato Dip
Low-Fat Chips
Skewered Chicken Satay with
Cucumber Yogurt Sauce

Grilled Tandoori Chicken with
Lemon Yogurt Sauce
Basmati Rice
Ancho Turkey Chili


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