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Too hot to cook? Try our our Recipe Revue of cold main dishes.

Recipe Revue

Franks and Beans

Everybody remembers franks and beans. It's a signature dish of childhood. But outside the ballpark, hot dogs aren't always the first choice for the over-12 crowd. And baked beans aren't the only beans in town. Nowadays, the sausage is the new frank! And everyone knows that the versatile bean is a great source of protein. Check out our updated franks and beans menu for fun and healthy summer fare.

Dog Days

If you're hankering for spicy, try a chicken sausage with Southwest flavors, such as a blend of ancho, chipotle and jalapeno peppers. Rainbow Black Bean Salad with corn and red and green peppers for crunch is the perfect accompaniment.

The sunny flavors of Southern France — olives, oregano, lemon and sun-dried tomatoes — are blended into other chicken sausages, often called Mediterranean sausages. Pair them with Great Northern Bean Salad, which is plenty lemony and garlicky in its own right.

Bean Different

Gingered Adzuki Beans garnished with avocado are a tasty way to get fiber, folate and iron into your diet. Check out the Bean Guide for more information on these sweet, delicate, deep red beans. They go great with smoked chicken apple sausages.

Thrill at the Grill

Chicken sausages with truffles are studded with aromatic morsels of black truffle, those exotic mushrooms that the Europeans hold dear. Serve them (cooked of course) on a bed of White Beans with Garlic and Arugula for the perfect summer meal. Wild mushrooms, garlic and herbs are the stars in wild mushroom chicken sausages. These "dogs" find a foil in creamy Fava Bean Puree.

On a Bean Note

Black Bean Cakes with Red Pepper Vinaigrette can be a meal in themselves or taste great with the pepper-full Southwestern chicken sausages. Or try Red Beans and Walnuts. Scallions, garlic and herbs meet red beans in this salad and they're all coated in a thick, walnut dressing.

Recipe Revue

Black Bean Cakes with Red Pepper Vinaigrette
Fava Bean Puree
Gingered Adzuki Beans
Great Northern Bean Salad
   Rainbow Black Bean Salad
Red Beans and Walnuts
White Beans with Garlic and Arugula

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