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Recipe Revue

POPsicle Art

A sure sign of summer is a young child gripping a brightly colored Popsicle in his chubby hands. Telltale drips of orange, purple or red run down his hands while the lipstick-like stains begin to form around his gleeful mouth. Aah, the Popsicle, one of the season's most anticipated treats.

An Icon is Born

Who better to invent the quintessential kiddie-treat than a kid himself? In 1905, eleven-year-old Frank Epperson left his fruit-flavored soda outside on his family's porch. He had left a stir stick in the soda and when the temperature dropped overnight, Frank's soda froze, with the stick standing straight up. An adventurous boy, Frank tried his new creation and liked what he tasted.

Eighteen years later in 1923, Frank got the entrepreneurial bug and decided to manufacture his frozen treat. He called it the Epsicle ice pop and made it in seven fruit flavors. Epperson's children eventually changed the name of the product to the catchier Popsicle.

Of the 30 flavors that Popsicles come in, orange is the all-time best seller. Some estimates say that over a billion of these frozen pops are consumed in the United States each year.

Fruitier Pops

Though refreshing, most commercial Popsicles are made with a ton of sugar and very little fruit or fruit juice, if any. FoodFit decided to come up with our own healthy, rainbow assortment of frozen treats to help keep you cool this summer. Executive Chef Bonnie Moore delivered and the results are very refreshing!

These easy treats are also a great way to cool the kids off on a steamy day. With your supervision, kids can add the ingredients to the blender and then (with the cover securely on) press "blend". You can pour the contents into the plastic molds and then ask your kids to place the wooden popsicle sticks into the opening in each lid. Stick them in the freezer overnight and voila—instant cool.

Pick a Pop

Sail off to the islands with our Tropsicle. It's chock-full of banana, mango and creamy coconut milk. This is a 63-calorie fix for all you Pina Colada lovers.

Dreamsicles are the perfect combination of orange slush and creamy vanilla yogurt. Grab on of these pops and claim the hammock—you're ready for relaxation.

Wake up your taste buds with our Minty Melon Popsicles. Fresh honeydew melon gives these refreshing pops their lovely, light green color. A bit of peppermint extract adds just the right amount of mint to perk you up after a long, hot day.

For a casual dinner party or barbecue, go for the bold colors and bright flavors in Raspberry Popsicle Parfaits. These dressed up popsicles layer pretty pink raspberry frozen yogurt over a layer of vanilla frozen yogurt. The parfaits are perfect party food.

Get in touch with your crazy side with Wild Berry-Passion Popsicles. With two different kinds of fresh berries and passion fruit juice, this is not your ordinary frozen juice on a stick.

— Frances Largeman, RD
Managing Editor

Be cool this summer and treat yourself and your kids to these fabulously fruity frozen pops from FoodFit:

Minty Melon Popsicles
Raspberry Popsicle Parfaits
Wild Berry-Passion Popsicles


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