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Types of Soup

  • Main Course - Hearty soups containing vegetables and grains either with or without meat or fish.
  • Clear - A combination of vegetables, meat, grains or pasta floating in a clear broth or stock.
  • Pureed - Vegetable or legume soups either partially of fully pureed.
  • Chowders - The name comes from the French word "chaudrée" which means fish soup. Early settlers brought the word to Nova Scotia and later New England. Today, chowder is made with diced potatoes and broth, milk or cream. It may or may not contain fish or seafood.
  • Bisques - Traditionally, bisques are shellfish soups that get their flavor from being cooked with their shells. Today, the term bisque refers to a soup thickened with rice or roux.
  • Cold - Made from cooked and cooled or uncooked ingredients. Cold soups, like all cold food, require more seasoning than hot.

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