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Solo Suppers

Dinner for one? Chef and cookbook author Joyce Goldstein has written an entire cookbook devoted to so-called solo suppers. She shares shopping and cooking advice, plus a delicious soup recipe. Read More.

  Chicken Teriyaki with Pineapple Salsa is on the menu!
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Alice Waters
In an interview, legendary chef Alice Waters reveals how she gathers family and friends around the table. "I use smells a lot. I think that just even the smell of chicken roasting in the oven brings people together." Read More.

Risotto Roundup
Warm up on a chilly autumn night with a delectable risotto. Its such a tasty way to incorporate more grains into your diet, plus showcase all the flavorful vegetables available now. Learn how to make risotto and choose from ten fantastic recipes.

Chicken Pot Pie
What could be cozier than chicken pot pie? Flaky crust topping tender chunks of chicken in a rich creamy sauce yum! Most chicken pot pies break the bank calorie-wise, but not Chef Bonnie's. Get the recipe.

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Going Exotic

Try new seasonings that that will add punch to your meals. Experiment with spices in the ethnic section of your market of try fresh herbs from the produce section. You'll be more satisfied with smaller portions of flavorful foods than large amounts of bland ones.


The Nutritionist

I need some suggestions on how to lose weight. I have tried MANY diets to no avail. I know that I didn''t put the weight on overnight, but would like to see something different on the scales when I weigh myself. I''ve tried Weight Watchers, all I lost was my weekly fee. After about 6 weeks I took off 1/2 pound. I''ve read that my problem might be from carbs, but I love veggies. I tried the Atkins Diet and it worked for a while but I found it quite restrictive. Can you suggest something that I can do to at least take a few pounds off? That might motivate me into doing something. Do you suggest diet dinners that are packaged? Help me if you can. Desperate.

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