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From Our Founder: Ellen Haas

FoodFit Welcome! As FoodFit's founder, I bring my experience as Undersecretary of Agriculture for Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services to our website's healthy lifestyle content. Because your heart health is so important, we are celebrating American Heart Month with chef-created, healthy-heart recipes in our Dinner Tonight feature. Log on and enjoy these healthy and delicious Menus for the Week.

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Sweet and Light: A good-for-you chocolate cupcake? You bet!
Cholesterol 101: Get the basics and check your numbers
Get Motivated: Eleven great ways to get your heart beating
Power Foods: Fabulous foods for a healthier heart
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Top Picks: Eight quick and tasty chicken suppers
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Can healthy be delicious? You bet! Especially when you include Mott’s apple sauce or apple juice in the recipe.

Ring In '06 with Good Health

Apples 1 Learn the basics of portion power

2 Planning made easy with Dinner Tonight

3 Your guide to winter fruits and veggies

4 Best weight loss advice from the experts

5 Got 10 minutes? Go ahead and exercise!

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