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The FoodFit Diet & Fitness Plan doesn't advocate eating anything you want within a certain calorie or point range. Nor do we propose cutting out entire food groups. With our plan, you'll eat a variety of foods that are proven to provide the nutrients and vitamins your body needs for optimal health.

Developed by a leading cardiologist and the University of California Medical Center, our plan is based on nutrition standards set by the National Academy of Sciences. It's a balanced, sensible weight loss plan based on five principles: portion control, higher fiber, lower fat, minimal added sugars and increased exercise.

Tools That Help You Exercise and Eat Smarter
Take control of your weight loss and learn healthy eating habits with our easy, interactive tools including the Menu Planner, Food and Fitness Diary, Burner Calculator and more.

Support To Help You Reach Your Goal
We know that successful weight loss is both mind and body. With our Plan-exclusive Mind/Body/Spirit area, you'll get advice and information on how to feed your soul as well as your body. You can ask questions of our chefs, registered dietitians and fitness experts and share your experiences with fellow Plan members in our Community.

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The Washington Post reports: "Fighting Fat with FoodFit"

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