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The healthy, sensible plan for lasting weight loss!

When you join, you'll receive a personalized weight loss plan that's designed to help you eat healthy and lose weight for good! You'll get a simple weekly meal plan full of healthy, balanced meals with shopping lists and an exercise program. We even have vegetarian meal plans.


Best of all, because it's not a restrictive diet, you're less likely to "fall off the wagon" and better equipped to make real lifestyle changes for lasting weight loss. In fact, 95% of Plan members have changed at least one eating habit since joining and 64% have changed at least one exercise habit.

Enjoy the best-tasting, healthiest diet plans today. The FoodFit Diet is based on the latest nutritional guidelines and endorsed by nationally recognized doctors.
We help you save time by suggesting easy substitutions and give you tips for making recipes in advance!
All of the recipes in the FoodFit Diet are created by FoodFit chefs and are designed to be delicious and nutritionally balanced.  

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