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T O P I C    R E V I E W
AngelaGia Posted - 12/23/2005 : 01:33:05 AM
It certainly isn't the "Brady Bunch".. LOL I have been stressed for the last almost two years and I have been compensating by sometimes not making the best food choices. I have gained almost fifteen pounds since moving to SWLA in 2004... It is difficult to find low fat menus in " Cajun Country"... LOL

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cometchaser Posted - 01/04/2006 : 6:29:34 PM

a lot depends on you and your husband's relationship, but my take on it is: TOUGH! if you have a sugar free household, they can hold their cravings until they are back at mom's place. it's two days a week, not exactly torture.

whether they like it or not, you are not just nourishing their bodies, you are teaching them how to nourish themselves and how to view food when they are adults. children are not naturally going to make good choices, do not trust their instincts. but if YOU teach them what foods will make them feel good and feel healthy, and what foods taste the best together, and how to form a meal, and what makes a good snack, they will remember that when they are parents.

("My step mom was a stickler for whole grains. now I'm ruined for white bread myself...")

it's your house. your kitchen. say no to pop. when they are with you and want a snack, they can have carrots, or a spoon of peanut butter, or an apple. if they say, "my MOM always lets me eat skittles!" then you simply respond, "and I'm sure when you are back in your house you will enjoy them all the more."


AngelaGia Posted - 12/24/2005 : 06:21:41 AM
We use Splenda now but I have not made cookies in forever... I am not a Domestic Goddess.. LOL

Holly Posted - 12/23/2005 : 08:58:09 AM
Welcome to the forum. With the kids addicted to sugar, do you think you could fool them? Bake them cookies, but do it with Splenda and see if they notice. Community © 2000-06 Snitz Communications Go To Top Of Page
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