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T O P I C    R E V I E W
windeewiro Posted - 01/19/2009 : 5:47:21 PM
Hello! I am 22 years old. I am a runner. I run about 40 miles a week on average. I weigh 123-125 depending on the day. Over the last 2 years I lost 40 pounds. I am proud of my weight loss but I am very hard on myself because I am afraid of gaining my weight back. I constantly look online at how much I should weigh for my size and I constantly look up how many calories I should consume based on my activity level. I even went to a nutritionist and she said I needed to eat more calories to be healthier. I feel like if i eat more I will get fat. I dont drink anything besides water. I dont eat out, maybe once every month and am half. I am a vegetarian. I try to eat around 1600 calories but I keep reading that its not enough. I need advice I think that I have some issues in regards to my body image. Any advice out there?
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foodfiend20 Posted - 01/25/2009 : 4:01:44 PM
Hi Windee :)

First of all, you have lost 40 pounds in two years. It was done slowly, and research has determined that this is the very best kind of weight loss since this method tends to show a lifestyle change and that, therefore, may very well keep the lost weight from returning. Congratulations!

I do think, however, that you are being a little over-cautious about the calories which you consume. Since you have done this for two years, you should be comfortable with knowing what you can eat, and in what amounts, to keep your weight on track. If the professional said to eat more calories, do so (my first thought, upon hearing that, would be "oooh baby, cinnamon rolls, here I come!" But then I get real...). Don't make these empty calories. The food you choose should be low in fat, high in nutrition. Since you run, you need protein and carbs, so keep them in balance. And fat, your body needs fat, but stay away from saturated and trans fats. Lots of vegetables, fruits, complex (whole grain) carbs, lowfat dairy, nuts, lean protein, etc.

You have a little more difficulty with getting your protein since you are a vegetarian. It can be too easy to go for the high-fat cheese products (I have vegetarian friends, so I know this!). Also try the Morningstar Farms and Boca products (burgers, crumbles, sausages, etc).

You don't have to limit yourself to drinking only water, too. Just drink enough of it (I aim for 64 ounces per day) and you can have juice or occasional soda. Or wine. ;)

And enjoy a meal out occasionally. I find that lunches work best, because they are less portion-wise than dinners. And don't be afraid to tell the server if you want "light on the cheese" or "made without oil". Many cooks, chefswill try to accommodate you (and perhaps you will set an example to those who are with you!).

Yes, I think that you have some issues regarding your body image but don't sweat it. Yes, "they" say that if you're healthy, body size doesn't matter. Well, sometimes (depending on the individual) it does.

Do you weigh yourself every day? That's not a good idea. I have forced myself to go to a 2-day a week weigh schedule and lately it has been one day a week. Same time, same clothes, just to keep it all in perspective. I have my "perfect weight" and if I'm a pound or two above or below that, no problem. If I get up to 3 pounds above, I cut back on the treats (you gotta have treats!) for a week, and increase my running until I'm at that "perfect" number.

To end, I turned 50 last spring and it totally bummed me out. Because of healthy eating and exercise (weights and yoga in addition to the running), I look younger and I feel younger but still, that 5-0 is a real shocker. I would like to be your age and start over because I didn't adopt a healthy lifestyle until I was in my mid-30's.

I wish I had stayed out of the sun when I was younger, too. :(

But, anyway, you sound like you're on the right track. Healthy and aware of it, just don't obsess. Life is fun and if you let something get in the way of enjoying yourself you are not living to your potential! Community © 2000-06 Snitz Communications Go To Top Of Page
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