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 HELP! I am still starving!

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fattyfatty2x4 Posted - 03/01/2005 : 11:00:45 AM
OK Gang! The day before yesterday I noticed that I was still hungry after eating what should have been "enough". I managed to get by on Sunday with 2231 calories. I ate fish for dinner because I wanted something heavy or dense or full of FATS, I dunno.

Yesterday I made a LOVELY coconut milk soup for dinner and managed to keep my day at 1686 calories. again, was it the fats I wanted?

I can feel it again today! It's an empty feeling even tho I have eaten good foods. I am going to try to get through this, but it is SO OVERWHELMING! I mean, I am not eating for emotional reasons (when you feel full, but still eat).... this is true HUNGER!

Do any of you experience these two separate feelings and/or can you tell the difference between different hungers?

no sir, I don't like it. [V]

2x4 ~ CW:150+ ~ GW for now: below 140 ~ I think I can! I think I can!
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kallileigh Posted - 12/31/2008 : 10:21:15 AM
Hi, I'm new to this board but not new to the whole eating healthy thing. I agree with Kendra, adding a fiber rich component to your meal will help you feel full faster and the full feeling last longer. Brown rice is one of my favorite side dishes because of it's lasting effects. Yukon gold potatoes are another favorite side dish, mainly because they are creamy and good without a lot of toppings. A little dollop of low fat or fat free sour cream on a yukon gold is a super filling side and goes great with some well seasoned boneless skinless chicken breasts. Just make sure you eat the skin too, that's where the fiber is!

To be perfectly honest raw carrots seem to leave me feeling more hungry than I was before I ate them. Celery sticks do the same. But if I grab a couple almonds (no where close to a whole serving) and eat those with the carrots and celery then the hungry feeling goes away.

I also have to agree with Dixiebelle in that eating smaller meals and larger snacks evenly spread out through the day definitely helps curb my hunger pangs too.

Best of luck fattyfatty2x4, I know what a struggle it is to get that full, satisfied feeling. I hope you find something that works for you!!
Kendra_NYC Posted - 11/24/2008 : 11:12:06 AM
Foods high in fiber can help with this as well as they tend to fill you up a little more!!

If you're looking for a healthy snack that is high in fiber then try World of Grains Cookies - they’re made of completely natural ingredients that include 15g of whole grains, 90 mg of omega 3’s, 3 g of fiber and real fruit – they taste great too!

Head over to for more nutritional information.

Also, check out our facebook page at and become a fan.

Kendra—World of Grains

happyone Posted - 02/19/2008 : 10:21:16 PM
Are you still online with us? Please forgive me because I am new like 2 days to this process so I hope this reaches you. What I want to know is are you consuming the right amount of calories for the amount you weigh?? How are you figuring this out? Do you get any kind of exercise daily, dont discount what you may do at work, grocerie shopping, or daily activities. What do you eat for the calories you take in. Portion Size? You can eat Veggies till the cows come home and still not feel full sometimes or at least I can. It takes at least 15 to 20 minutes for your food to get to your stomach and then the message to get to your brain so we as people who live in a busy society to not take the time to enjoy our eating, this means texture , taste, smell, and to know it takes a little while for our food to get to out tummy before we add tooooo much on top of it , so we feel stuffed. By then it is too late. Its as bad as not eating all day and then goorging after starving all day long. It is not healthy to cut your calories so drastically that your body will go into starvation mode. Things that fill most people up are Hot Cereals, Rice , Beans, Potatoes, Veggie Stew. O.k. different but what did you eat as a child to make yo feel safe and full? Some of these receips can be modified to address calorie content but not miss out on the things that make you feel GREAT!!!!

cookiepam0746 Posted - 02/12/2008 : 7:15:04 PM
Hi Fatty 2x4!
I know the position you are in as I have fought the battle of fat all my life. I finally decided to take the bull by the horns as it were, and learn to eat effectively. I try to follow the Mediterranean style of eating similar to the Sonomo Style. I have a book on it and it really makes sense. Also, the book can be purchased on my site.

I will give you a recipe to perk you up and keep trying and keep your chin up. All my recipes on my site are not necessarily calorie-less but I have many good healthy recipes there.

Halibut is a dense white fish, very healthy for you, and it is my favorite as there are virtually no bones it it. Buy it with the centre bone removed. It is a type of fish you can cook many ways, is always tasty and you feel full after eating it.

Baked Halibut with Lemon Basil Vinaigrette

Four 6 oz. halibut filets
sea salt
freshly ground pepper

Basil Vinaigrette
1 tsp grated lemon peel
2 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
1/4 tsp sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper
2 garlic cloves cut in half
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
3 tbsp thinly sliced basil leaves
1 tbsp drained capers (optional)
1/2 cup finely diced tomatoes

This recipe of Basil Vinaigrette can be used on any whitefish, swordfish or even freshwater frozen salmon. It enhances the fish to the point you will not be able to resist.

Pre-heat the oven to 350F degrees. Using olive oil, or a spray oil, lightly coat the baking dish, placing halibut steaks in prepared dish.

To make vinaigrette, combine all ingreadients in a small bowl. Spear the garlic on a fork and use it to mix the lemon juice mixture. Beat in the extra virgin olive oil; then add basil, capers and tomatoes, and stir until mixed well.

When filets are completely cooked (should be opaque throughout) spoon on the vinaigrette and serve.

I know you will really enjoy this healthy recipe, as I have many times myself. For more great recipes that will give you good ideas on how to eat healthy, just look me up at and I would be happy to give you any advice or help I can. I need the good food as well.

DixieBelle Posted - 08/07/2007 : 12:00:42 AM
Another thing that you might consider trying is instead of three meals a day, try something like a light breakfast, a light snack (fruits or veggies, 1 of those 100 calorie snacks...something lowfat, lowcal) two hours later, a light lunch, another light snack two hours after lunch, and then a light dinner.

Rom. 8:28
yabutqueen Posted - 07/18/2007 : 12:21:24 PM
Hi, another Newbie here, just joined. I wanted to give information I had seen in another post someplace about a site that has lots of good tips on foods that you might enjoy that are healthier than most choices when you feel like munching--like normal people do, who are not on a diet--but don't want to blow it. the site is
gymcat Posted - 12/21/2005 : 6:03:12 PM
You may be craving fats, but try to have some protein with them. The fish is a great idea and also nuts are good.

ESue8215 Posted - 09/30/2005 : 9:40:28 PM
Add Herbs, Add Spices, Jazz up your food!

Fish can be lite or filling, depends on the type of fish.
A whitefish fillet typically is not filling - flounder, for example.
A denser fish, like swordfish, can be very filling.
Nice thing about fish - eat 8 ounces (double a chix/meat/pork portion!)

If you like olives and Italian seasoning, put fish fillets in a baking dish or each in a large piece of tinfoil - top with sliced olives, a little finely chopped onion, sun-dried tomatos or fresh tomatos chopped (or both if you like!), basil, thyme and squirt a little lemon juice on it.
Cover the dish or wrap the tinfoil around the fish into a packet.
Bake at 350 degrees 20-25 minutes or put on a hot grill for 15-20 minutes. Put a bunch of fresh baby spinach leaves on the plate, place the fish on top and spoon the veggies and sauce over.

For swordfish, grilling is best, but broiling or searing on the stovetop works too. Usually takes about 6-7 minutes per inch per side. Just cut a little into the steak to be sure it's done. Top with salsa - I mix chopped papaya or mango, chopped onions and parsley or cilantro to jarred salsa. Again, baby spinach makes a great side. Toss the spinach in a little balsamic vinegar or balsamic vinegarette.

For either dish, if it's not enough, add a flavorful green bean side. You can find a variety of green bean recipes and more easy, everyday veggies recipes at [url][/url]

The Colorful Plate - Easy, EveryDay Veggies
demented1091 Posted - 09/10/2005 : 07:46:40 AM
Is there any raw veggie you like? I struggle with that same problem, & what I do is every time I walk by the kitchen, I let myself grab a handful of mushrooms. It keeps the hunger away, & mushrooms/raw veggies of any kind have virtually no calories.

Also, maybe you could consider adding a fiber-filled cereal (ie: an all- bran cereal, which has half of your daily fiber requirements) to your breakfast. The more fiber you eat, the more filled up you'll be.

reeves Posted - 03/17/2005 : 08:22:51 AM
if your still hungry munch on fresh fruit or veggies, if you need a dip pick a low fat version. I love cool whip free mixed with one straberry yogurt. Great fruit dip and very low cal and low fat.

Rene40 Posted - 03/02/2005 : 10:22:44 AM
Fat does keep you satiated longer, so you may be 'craving' it.
Use a heart healthy fat like olive oil or grapeseed oil and you can curb that craving AND do something good for your heart:) Salmon, mackrel and sardines are high in Omega fatty acids. Opt for whole eggs but use the Omega enhansed ones like Egglands Best. Some newer spreads like Smart Balance don't have trans-fats and are not bad for you.
fattyfatty2x4 Posted - 03/01/2005 : 12:46:27 PM
Here we go again!

I just had lunch and want MORE!

OK - I just came here to VENT.... I will be ok. I will get through this. I am going to go get a fresh glass of water from the water cooler and make a cup of herb tea or coffee.

gawd. i feel like an anorexic trying to fight off hunger pains. [8<]

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