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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Holly Posted - 10/25/2005 : 1:57:44 PM
Even though nothing is certain, it does not look like I'll be getting my new job this month. It may still happen, but not for a while. :(

I was really excited, too.

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Holly Posted - 10/26/2005 : 11:44:40 AM
Well, it may not happen at all now. The person who took the job has some physical limitations and, if working the additional hours had made her pain worse, she was going to give it up and go back to her limited hours. She seems to be doing fine so far. That means she will probably keep it. That means I won't get it.

This stinks. The part that makes me most sad about this is that I was really looking forward to working only one job, giving me the time to exercise. I have so little time these days. I work 40 hours a week at job #1, plus driving time of nearly an hour a day, then three nights a week work job #2, leaving me Tuesday night and Friday night off. I'll be honest with you - I will NEVER exercise on a Friday night. By the end of the week (including three 12-hour days) I just want to do NOTHING. I am usually like an old lady on Friday night - watch tv and falling asleep by 9 on the couch. It would have been nice to feel like a "normal" person with just one job. But I will adjust. I will work with what I have and make the best of it. Like my other post, I will just have to eat better. I still want to cry, though (probably just hormones).

fattyfatty2x4 Posted - 10/25/2005 : 3:49:19 PM
Oh, I am SO SORRY Holly!

Things will work out for the best! Perhaps it was just not the right time yet!

I am supposed to get a raise and the boss has not given me the notice. This has been going along since my review in May :-( but I know I will feel better when/if it DOES happen since all of my expenses have incresed!! :-O

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