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Harleysrme Posted - 04/19/2004 : 07:46:42 AM
[:D]I have been on South Beach since August 23. So far I have lost 22 lbs. I have 6 more to my goal. I am only 5 ft. tall but my goal is 140. I know that may be a little high but I am 69 yrs. young and if I strive for 121, I will look like a prune. So, I will be comfortable in my skin at 140. If I go below that, it will be very slowly. I am healthy and happy and love this way of eating. It is a habit now to eliminate the "whites". I have a sweet potato now and then and I have 100% whole wheat bread. Whole wheat pasta occasionally but I don't like rice so I don't miss that. My doctor put me on South Beach. I love it.

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DixieBelle Posted - 07/09/2007 : 10:39:17 AM
I'm not trying to cut carbs completely as I never really ate a lot of them to begin with. But I do like a lot of the South Beach recipes and snack bars!

Rom. 8:28
Theresa130225 Posted - 04/20/2004 : 10:49:13 AM
What a slow poke i am. I just heard about it this past weekend wile visiting with my brothe in-law and then again at Curves yesterday. Two of the woman I see there were taking about it so I went to and looked it up. Iam going to make the spnich quich tonight to go with my fish. I think the quich is supost to be a meal it's self....Iam going to look at it more today[:<>]

fattyfatty2x4 Posted - 04/19/2004 : 3:50:53 PM
My mom said she has been doing the South Beach diet also. I have not read the book (yet [;)] )

I think most of us here from the old board will say that getting rid of "the whites" in your diet is a great start! For one thing it makes you *think* about what you are eating (or not eating) and it challenges you to explore healthier choices.

Congrats you guys! You have been doing SUPER!

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gwamakawen Posted - 04/19/2004 : 3:24:39 PM
My hubby and I went on South Beach last May. He's lost 45 and I've lost 35-38 (that last 3 pounds keeps showing up.)[:O] We've sort of fallen off the wagon since our relocation from VA to FLA, but this week we have made a committment to get back on and make it to our goal weights. I'd like to lose another 15-20. I think he wants to lose another 25. Getting back on the plan from PhaseI will do it for us. It's not a hard plan to follow, and even the first phase isn't too bad.

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