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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Holly Posted - 05/04/2004 : 09:09:13 AM
After reading an inspiring article, I have decided to jump back into my exercise program with both feet. The plan is to do two hours of exercise most days of the week. One in the moring before work and one in the the evening after work. In order for this to work, it would be helpful to save time elsewhere.

Any suggestions for habits or practices that save time? Or any products you have that save you time?
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Holly Posted - 02/24/2007 : 9:14:21 PM
Hi, Heidi. Thanks for the post. I have seen that site before, but never spent much time there. I'll have to check it out again. I think it was Sandy who told me about it before.

heider713 Posted - 02/20/2007 : 12:16:42 AM
Some of the time savers I've realized come from having a routine. I have benefitted from the routines offered from [url][/url]. Check it out. Although I have been mostly an observer, I have incorporated small 'baby steps' that have been really valuable.


ajtjlovejoy1 Posted - 10/01/2005 : 8:42:06 PM
Hi Hooly, the best thing you could invest in is a crock pot. I do most of my cooking at night, that way i can check on in the middle of the night. By the time I wake up the meal is done. Hope this helps. tj

fattyfatty2x4 Posted - 05/22/2004 : 09:20:01 AM
Originally posted by blackcat

Here are my favorite timesavers:

1. Pre-cooked polenta

2. Morningstar Farms Black Bean burgers

3. Pre-cooked grilled chicken strips and pre-washed spring lettuce/salad mix

I think some of the best "timesavers" are quick, easy HEALTHY meals and snacks!

Come up with a short list of quick meals and keep it on your fridge or on the inside of a kitchen cabinet. When you have a time stressed day or just "can't think", look at that list and pull out all the ingredients. This way you won't "get lazy" and grab whatever is easy and fast (not thinking about the calories). This way you still get a no-brainer HEALTHY meal.

2x4 was here, but now she's gone. She left this post to carry on...
blackcat Posted - 05/20/2004 : 11:10:15 PM
Here are my favorite timesavers:

1. Pre-cooked polenta. I discovered this at Trader Joe's and use it to make a quick and easy tamale pie. Just chop up the polenta into small pieces and place in a pan. Top with cooked lean ground beef, black beans and diced tomatoes. Top with low-fat cheddar cheese and microwave the whole thing.

2. Morningstar Farms Black Bean burgers - I love these! Just microwave one and serve with microwaved green beans or broccoli. A very healthy and low-cal/low-fat meal.

3. Pre-cooked grilled chicken strips and pre-washed spring lettuce/salad mix. I use this to make an easy grilled chicken salad. I use this recipe I found here on FoodFit that I love and know by heart now. I make this dressing: 1/3 cup olive oil, 3T balsamic vinegar, chopped shallots and salt/pepper to taste. I then add sliced pears, blue cheese crumbles and walnuts. So delicious and filling!

Holly Posted - 05/18/2004 : 3:09:26 PM
I am not a huge tv watcher, but having it off is great. My husband can't stand to be in the house without it on. The rare occasions I am home alone, I almost never have it on. At least with summer here, the shows I did like to watch will be on reruns so I won't need to watch it at all (except when I am exercising).

Last night I finally got around to picking up a crock pot - a small one, though. But I can't wait to start using it.
samhain Posted - 05/18/2004 : 12:52:12 PM
Originally posted by cometchaser

another time saver: shut off the TV.

it's amazing how many hours you can save! I know it sounds simplistic, but it is a great start. a 15 minute limit for non-work internet is another good one.


This has helped me as well. I moved into a new house last July and never did get the cable hooked up. I was amazed at how much time I wasted watching TV!
Sandy Posted - 05/18/2004 : 11:41:40 AM
Holly, you asked about me. How kind of you to think of me! I'm here, just plugging along. My mother won't do leftovers either. If I reheat something she comes out in the kitchen, looks around, and then makes herself a sandwich. So I use the leftovers for lunch on the days that she plays cards and eats at the Center. I also use them for Thursdays which is the day I stay in my room.

As far as timesavers is concerned, I don't really need to save any time because I don't go to work (my taxi service is unpaid) but one thing I remember from my working days is that if I make a list of things to do it is usually more than I can get done in the time available. So I would put numbers behind each thing on the list, prioritizing them. Another thing, if you schedule things for certain hours of the day or certain days of the week, instead of bumping them ahead, just don't do that one thing this time if possible. Or you can consider your bed making, vacuuming, etc. as part of your hour of exercise!

Emily Posted - 05/07/2004 : 2:59:47 PM
Comet that is a good idea! When I am doing stuff around the house I shut off the tv and turn on my radio. I stay busy for hours. But if the tv is running i will stop and sit for a sec to watch the tube. Thanks!

cometchaser Posted - 05/06/2004 : 5:56:58 PM
another time saver: shut off the TV.

it's amazing how many hours you can save! I know it sounds simplistic, but it is a great start. a 15 minute limit for non-work internet is another good one.


Holly Posted - 05/04/2004 : 3:15:29 PM
Thanks, girls. Good ideas! I am going to write out a schedule tonight for tomorrow - and pick out my clothes. That is something I have always spent more time on than I should. I have never been one for leftovers - in fact I usually don't even keep them and try not to make too much because my husband doesn't eat leftovers. But if I am going to make this work - that is, 2 hours a day, at least for the short term (trying to get ready for summer) - then he is going to have to make some sacrifices too.

Actually the post by newbie ...I think it was Athena... was helpful too. I am going to buy a crock pot on the way home tonight. After I have used it a couple of times on the weekend when I am home, I will be ready to turn it on in the morning and have dinner ready when I get home after work. (I just worry about fire - my house is 50+ years old and I worry about the wiring. We had the service TO the house upgraded, but the only new wires run were for my computer, treadmill and our tv.

Has anyone seen Sandra?
fattyfatty2x4 Posted - 05/04/2004 : 1:28:58 PM
At first I could not think if anything that would save time, but after Emily's post I realized I might have a few suggestions.

Make one day/evening a "cooking" day. Make a cassarole or something and freeze individual portions to "grab n go" for lunches.

You can make a little more dinner than usual every third night or so and instead of putting all the leftovers away, take a few extra minutes to measure out single servings into those disposable containers and baggies. Another "grab n go" lunch or snack. I try to make an extra salad every time I make salad with dinner.

If you are planning on working out before work your mornings are going to be busy and hectic. Try picking out your clothes before going to bed. Be sure to get EVERYTHING out: under garments, socks, shoes, jewelry, etc. This way you will have everything out and ready to go. If you're like me it can be hard to think in the mornings! [:P]

2x4 was here, but now she's gone. She left this post to carry on...
Emily Posted - 05/04/2004 : 10:09:50 AM
Hiya Holly,

My time saver is schedules....Make a schedule and stick with it. Sometimes seeing our plans written down on paper keeps us going and in line. It also keeps you from getting distracted and wasting time on something else. At first I would write it down to keep me in line but now it's so routine that it just runs in my mind now. Write a daily schedule and a menu for the week. Prepare your snacks for the week on Sunday evening so when you are running out the door every morning you can just grab it and go. I hope these ideas help ya out.

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