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T O P I C    R E V I E W Posted - 09/20/2007 : 12:19:52 AM
I am a 48 year old women and have had to count calories all my adult life. I have several health problem and since I turned 35 have gained over a hundred pounds and can't seem to shake them.

I have fibromyalgia which seems to be the main problem with not being able to loose weight. When I was younger I had to work out and eat low cal just to maintain what is considered a normal weight.

I also have hypothyroidism, diabetes and a few other endocrinal issues.

I guess I am wondering if there are other with this battle and if they have any advice.
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Margarett Posted - 09/30/2008 : 08:05:41 AM
Hi, My name is Margarett and I am new to this site and was reassured to see a section regarding health issues that might complicate weightloss and or exercise. I too have Fibromyalgia along with Cervical and Lumbar Stenosis and Radiculopathy. Both of these conditions affect movement for me. In addition, I have a heart condition called Atrial Fibrilation with RVR- basically my heart rate is irregular and can spike up to 300+ BPM and was just diagnosed a week ago with COPD (second hand smoke realted)
Most of my meds keep me pretty lethargic if not completely wiped out.. but i Know changes have to be made. I am 100lbs overweight and even though my dr.s have all assured me my weight is not a contributing factor to my illnesses, I feel sure that they agravate my conditions. If there is anyone who can give me suggestions, please let me know. I apprecate any guidance I can get.

sprintcargram Posted - 02/27/2008 : 9:39:49 PM
Welcome Jancae, Sorry to hear you have sciatic pain. I have back problems from a nursing injury. I also struggle with depression, and Fibromyalgia. It is so hard to loose weight with these things going on. I am trying to get on the treadmill everyday, not getting there today though. I have had a setback with depression this week. I am needing more sleep to be able to make it through the day. I think I am feeling better today. Hope you can find some strengh with this blog. It helps me to see other people have the problems I have. For a long time my family didn't understand how tired I was. I have a wonderful new husband who works with me. Good luck. cj

jancae Posted - 02/24/2008 : 9:53:55 PM
new to this sight. I also have fibromyalgia. I am 48 - soon to be 49. At present I think I am having trouble with my sciatic nerve. Have bouts with depression and am definitely a stress eater. Would like to hear from anyone. thanks. Posted - 02/21/2008 : 3:17:28 PM
I am not taking either of those meds sprint. I use a pain patch that I change every 72 hours. And also a muscle relaxer 3 times a day and a type of ibuprofen that is stonger than over the counter stuff.

Righ now I am also taking percocets. I did break my foot. There goes any hope of walking for a while to exercise.
sprintcargram Posted - 02/20/2008 : 8:22:33 PM
Hi All, Hope your pain is under control today. I am still having a hard time getting on the treadmill. I know that I am the only one to make it happen. Had a med check with Dr. today. No change in med. Lyrica level is at healthy level. I still have the puffy hands and feet, blurry vision, & weight gain. Is anyone on Lyrica?
I also wonder if anyone is taking Stratara? Have a good day. I'm looking forward to replies. Take Care, cj Posted - 02/20/2008 : 11:28:33 AM
I think for most of us the biggest problem is how we see ourselves. I am not sure but think we are all pretty much from the same era of women looking like sticks. Granted I have enough sense to know I will never look like that, but I would like to loose enough to not get winded walking through Walmart.

I have had a "wonderful" (NOT) week. I feel friday and have either twisted my ankle to hades or cracked my foot. Going to the podiatrist today to see what the radiologist has to say about my x-ray. Another set back, just what I don't need.

I hope everyone else is doing better.
storytime Posted - 02/19/2008 : 10:01:32 AM
Hi all! I've been a food fit member for the last year or so and I have had some success. It has been slow but I did lose 20Ibs last year. I struggle with Sarcoidosis and just found out that I have sleep apena. Sarcoidosis is a autoimmune disease that most people (including doctors) know very little about. It makes it hard to have energy to go beyond the workday but, I force myself to go to the gym. I was on steriods for 2yrs and gained 60Ibs I am determined to get them off or die trying!! I tell myself that a little change in behavior is much better than no change at all!!! I hope with the CPAP treatment that I'm on now will pay off with more energy (as soon I get used to wearing a big fat scuba mask at night HEE HEE). Take care everyone and just take one step in the right direction and we will all make change happen!!!

sprintcargram Posted - 02/09/2008 : 9:12:52 PM
Hi All,
I am taking Lyrica now. Would like feedback from anyone else on it. I don't like the side effects, but going without is really not good.
I have gained about 8 pounds, and really lack motivation to get on treadmill. I know I feel better after. I would like to hear more on the pain patch. thanks cj Posted - 02/09/2008 : 4:40:56 PM
Hi all, sorry I haven't kept up with this thread. I basically couldn't remember where it was. Going to bookmark it now.

About those who are in pain and how to cope. I see a pain doctor and use a pain patch along with muscle relaxers. It helps, but there are still no pain free days. I figure if I have a 4 or 5 day I am doing good. On a scale of 1 to 10 that is. Winter of course has made that next to impossible have.

On the weight problem I am seriously thinking about looking into surgery. I am so tired of being like I am. No will power to speak of, though I am working on the stop smoking right now and doing ok. Only one cig this past week.

Well I am off. Can't sit at this computer too long on days like today. It's a 9 pointer today.
sprintcargram Posted - 02/09/2008 : 12:11:18 PM
Hi Dianna, So sorry to hear you have so many health concerns. I am an LPN. I was a dialysis nurse for 6 years, now I do home health, and work in special ed at our local HS. My degree is in disability services(didn't go to college until I was 40, worked in factory while raising my kids). I was wondering if you like to read. I love books and enjoy the Beverly Lewis books about the Amish community. My daughter and son-in-law have Amish friends in their farm neighborhood. It is very interesting to me. I also know there are video DVD for exercising while sitting. Could help burn some calories and boost your spirits. I have been on meds for depression for 21 years and try to exercise. That is a eal battle for me. I started college late in life, and did many of my classes on line. I have to do cont. ed. Just some ideas. have a good day. cj

sprintcargram Posted - 02/09/2008 : 11:56:46 AM
Hi Peggy, So glad to get a reply. Hope you are doing good today. Being an LPN, I have to say "You go girl, get rid of those ciggs.' I really get that it is easier said than done. Do your best each day, that's all we can do. How about the fibro pain? What do you do to help relieve the pain. I had to go back on my Lyrica. I was unable to walk after the med was out of my body. It has been really bad going off... and going back on. I was in bed for three days. I am much better now. I told my hisband to "hit me in the head the next time I had any big ideas to change meds." have a good day.

PeggyGmpalo Posted - 02/05/2008 : 01:19:06 AM
Hello all, I have had an bad week. One winter storm after another here in Chicago and you all know how much worse the pain gets when the pressure changes. On top of that I find if I go outside when it is really cold my Angina acts up. Now I cannot even go outside unless the temps are over 20 at least LOL. Who said these are the golden years? Or is that after you turn 60? Well anyway, I have been trying to do more stretching (light and easy,just a few leg lifts or arm rotations) in the morning and found a long hot session in the bath really helps me just before bed. Hubby gives me a gentle massage also with Aspircream (spelling?) on the really sore areas. It works better for me than the hot stuff like Ben Gay. Hubby likes that it doesn't smell. lol.Well ya all take it easy and try and get through one day at a time. It is the best we can do. Write soon.

Any day above ground is a good day!
sprintcargram Posted - 02/04/2008 : 4:44:21 PM
Hi, This is my firt time to reply. Today I am home from work with fibromyalgia pain. I decided to stop using Lyrica because of the crappy side effects. I forgot how much pain I was in. I think my therapeutic level of med is near. My pain is better this afternoon. I have been in bed for two days. I also struggle with weight. I will try the stretching before I get out of bed. What are other people doing for the pain with moving and walking? Thanks

ncdandylion Posted - 01/08/2008 : 6:22:55 PM
Hi from Deanna,

Surely glad I found you. I have heart failure, occasional A-fib, ulcerative colitis, Chrone's (?) disease, am on Coumadin, have osteoporosis so bad that my bones are considered "fragile". My doc won't let me do any strength training and I can only walk for about 5 min. before I get angina. Prior to these medical problems I'd been slender all my life and ate whatever I wanted. I expected it to continue as my mother was slender. Now I'm about 50 lbs overweight and I see no way out of it. I can't exercise. I consume more calories than I can burn off in one day and with the boredom that comes with nothing to do, I've found eating is a way to pass the time. Please! Can someone help?
PeggyGmpalo Posted - 11/05/2007 : 1:58:38 PM
Welcome, I hope today is a good day for you. I know how hard the seasonal changes can get us down. I am not sure I can give any answers, I am still asking many questions myself. But one thing I find is we have to really believe in ourselves and want to treat ourself like the goddess' we are. : ) Baby steps seem the best. It is all I can do to get going in the mornings with the stiffness and pain. But getting into a routine has been helpful for me.
As much as I hate to move first thing in the morning I force myself, before I even get out of the bed, to do a quick set of leg lifts. Modified by how much I am hurting of course. Some days I can't make it past two on each leg. Once I do that, I sit up and I do some arm lifts with my one pound weights my hubby made for me out of liter bottles with handles and sand. Simply holding and lifted from hip to shoulder to the side and then some from thigh to shoulder in front. It may not burn a 100 calories but it does get my muscles to loosen up and I can then make it to the kitchen for my drug of choice... coffee. : ).
So that is how I begin my days. Still fighting the pounds but I know each day will bring me closer to being able to commit myself to being good to me for a change. It is hard to want to love myself when my own body turned on me. I really think that is what keeps me from wanting to do everything I can. By admitting that, I can then work on fighting my brain and proving to it that I am worth it all.
Feel free to E-mail. I would love someone to chat and discuss our similarities and lives and give and get support on bad days.

Peg in Illinois

Any day above ground is a good day!
lupusdiva Posted - 11/04/2007 : 01:56:23 AM
Hi I am new and can relate. Weight has always been an issue for me. I have lupus, fibromyalgia, raynouds, re, sjogren, neuropothy, vasculitis, and degeneretive disk disease. I have been on prdnisone 15 yrs. I know I need to work out more but i am always sore and tired, any suggestions?
PeggyGmpalo Posted - 09/21/2007 : 5:01:21 PM
Hi, I know how you feel. I am 51, Diabetic with Fibromyalgia and recently, two weeks ago, had my first heart attack. I suffer from Variant Angina which is not easy to control from what I am told. My diet is LOW fat, sugar, sodium and cholesterol.. basically I have to graze in the garden to live. : ). I am still smoking but will be quitting for good as soon as I finish the last pack. The darn things are too expensive to give away or throw out. I know I know, I should but only two more to go. So anyway, that is me. Write anytime, here or privately ( Tell me more about your situation. Community © 2000-06 Snitz Communications Go To Top Of Page
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