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cdyer57 Posted - 05/01/2008 : 08:35:12 AM
Hi, has anyone tried any supplements that have helped them with energy and fat burning? I've read about some special tea supplements?

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driven4ever Posted - 09/19/2008 : 3:20:42 PM
I did some research on some and found a lot of bad things in them for your body. a lot of the fat burners will help you to get rid of the fat now, but down the road you end up gaining all that fat again. I tried a green tea diet once. just plain green tea all healthy and natural. It really worked. I lost weight fast. I worked out at least three days a week as well when i did this. The only down fall for me, and the reason why i don't take it as gives me ensomnia. I'm real sensitive to it. I couldn't figure out why i was getting no sleep for six months. I stopped the green tea, and now i sleep. go figure.

littlefitgirl Posted - 09/18/2008 : 10:30:04 PM
I tried some "fat burners" -- Hydroxycut and another from GNC (which, unfortunately, I can't remember -- that tells you how successful I was.) In general, fat burners are a scam in my opinion. Since they've banned ephedra, most make use of some kind of green tea and caffeine formula. I have generally found that doing an extra 10 minutes of cardio probably has more fat burning impact than these capsules. Just my opinion. Also add in some weight training. It's worked wonders for me. More than cardio alone ever did.
pisces2007 Posted - 05/17/2008 : 8:01:16 PM
There is no quick fix. Eating the right foods for you will give you energy. Exercise will give you more energy. Community © 2000-06 Snitz Communications Go To Top Of Page
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