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 acid vs alkaline foods

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lsalesa Posted - 05/09/2008 : 09:18:43 AM
HI there,

I suffer from acid reflux disease and I am looking for some tips/scriptdvise to combat acidity. I have been doing some research online on acid foods and alkaline foods but I get contradictory results with some of them. What would be the foods I should really avoid and how can I change my lifestyle to avoid the pain/heartburn?
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beachhouse112 Posted - 01/12/2009 : 8:09:43 PM
Oh man... I've recently been having some acid reflux problems. It's horrible it's makes my whole body feel different and like I'm really sick. pretty much the worst foods to eat while you're having an "attack" are: Tomatos, raw onions, spicy foods, and citrus.

Good luck. Hope you feel better.
soupdragon Posted - 06/28/2008 : 08:44:26 AM
Hi, I also suffered from acid reflux for years, and my doctor blamed it on the things I was eating. It turned out that what I had was a gastric ulcer caused by H Pylori infection. A week of antibiotic treatment, and 3 months of omeprazole cured the problem, so if you haven't ruled out gastric ulceration, it might be a good idea to go to your doctor and get tested.
carolyn1349 Posted - 05/25/2008 : 08:28:47 AM
I too suffer from heartburn and acid reflux. My doctor had me on Protonix,I am off of it now but still take the generic form of Prilosec OTC one pill, one time a day and I am pain free. Losing weight will help us. In the meantime, try to figure out which foods cause the upset, do not lie down after eating and do not bend over. The last two actions cause the stomach contents to come back up into the esophagus and throat. Wishing you the best..carolyn1349
pisces2007 Posted - 05/17/2008 : 9:14:08 PM
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