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T O P I C    R E V I E W
blush2422 Posted - 04/02/2007 : 1:27:58 PM

Does anyone know where I can find a calculator online where I can enter all the ingredients of my recipe and it will give me the total nutritional values?
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TheFitnessNerd Posted - 09/18/2008 : 09:39:44 AM ( has an excellent free recipe nutrition analyzer that does not require you to join (although you may want to -- especially if you want to save the recipe analysis.)

It's the tool that I use to do the nutritional analysis on all of my recipes on Answer Fitness. Very easy to use and accurate based on some auditing I did on some of my own recipes using my trusty pencil, calculator and a sticky note to verify.

You can check it out here:


foodsleuth Posted - 09/03/2008 : 1:05:06 PM
Our favorite software for recipe entry with the goal of providing nutritional information is called the Living Cookbook the software is super simple to use. You can cut and paste recipes into the recipe form, then the software matches ingredients up to the database (editing will still be required for some items). Create your own cookbooks and it comes with recipes too. We've reviewed many packages and this is still our all-time favorite.
Barbara /
cmakela Posted - 11/02/2007 : 1:32:40 PM
I found this recipe calorie calculator on

I think it's fairly accurate, but it underestimates a little. I used it to check a stew recipe I made recently.

It couldn't find the Lipton's dry onion soup mix, it used lean, top sirloin for the stew meat (stew meat has more fat so higher in calories), it couldn't find the Campbells Tomato Rice Soup so didn't include the 275 calories for this, it used the calories for regular flour even though I specified Wondra for coating the stew meat pieces (Wondra has fewer calories). It also couldn't take into account the boil-down that happens when you simmer. My initial ingredients were 18 cups; the final product produced a little over 16 cups. So their portion serving was larger for a smaller number of calories. Their calorie count for 16 servings was 210 while mine was 254. Mine is the more accurate.

The only ingredients that they can analyze are those contained in their calorie count database - of course - so that is limiting for many things. I am using the exact calorie counts from the products I'm using then in cases like the stew, I measure the product that
results after cooking.

Course, for many things, it will work just fine.

Hope this is helpful.
programmer2be Posted - 08/16/2007 : 1:58:43 PM
You might look at in their food database. They do give nutritional values for food and then you could piece it together.
Originally posted by blush2422


Does anyone know where I can find a calculator online where I can enter all the ingredients of my recipe and it will give me the total nutritional values?

MaeEast Posted - 04/16/2007 : 8:54:39 PM
I use
Coontree Posted - 04/03/2007 : 01:41:21 AM
try chef2chef
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