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 I am a teenager, in need of nutrition advice

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DarianI Posted - 11/20/2006 : 02:40:08 AM
I am a 15 year young male, 6ft, and 90 kgs (198lbs). I am fairly comfortable with the way I look, but would even happier if I could lose a few pounds of fat, and gain a few pounds of muscle. I exercise at a good intensity everyday, (skipping a few days, for sheer convience). I had no problem finding sites about good exercise routines, and have a exercise video perfect for me. But I am struggling in finding a site on exactly what I should eat. It may seem lazy of me but I don't want to make a nutritional diet for myself, seeing as I don't know where to start. But I was hoping someone could make one for me? Or even give me some where to start.


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Tenaflygirl Posted - 09/04/2008 : 4:19:20 PM
I'm not a nutritionist, but I do have an active teenager in my house. She has developed a healthy eating style and I think it could work for you. Try eating 5-6 smaller meal each day. Here goes:

Breakfast: Light cottage cheese with pineapple, eggs, fruit, smoothies, whole grain cereal with light milk, any of these would be great.

Snack: Apple with cheese stick or peanutbutter.

Lunch: Whole grain wrap with turkey, light mayo or herb cream cheese, lettuce, red roasted peppers. Or salad with lots of veggies and chicken.


Dinner: Palm size of protein (lean meat, chicken, fish) and lots of steamed veggies. You can try broccoli with Mrs. Dash's and parmesean cheese. It's yummie.

I wrote a book, In the Kitchen with Kids. Each month I post a recipe on the website -

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