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 it coudl be more fun if more of you woudl respond

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Iwilldothis Posted - 10/09/2008 : 5:38:44 PM
Hi, I think this is a great place but I am a little bummed out on the very little responses it has. I notice there are a lot of lookers but very few respond. I think maybe we all can do better if we get more active and keep the boards interesting by sharing. We can talk about anything it doesn't have to all be about weight it could be anything like something funny, family, friends a situation. Please join me and create some great conversations! Thank you and together we can do this!
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jenjs Posted - 11/06/2013 : 6:38:26 PM
C'mon gals....where is everyone?! Beb? Harley? I'm getting worried now!
jenjs Posted - 09/08/2013 : 9:23:31 PM
Uff! Been forever since I've been able to get on here! The opening went well for the room. Now, the kids aren't napping at ALL, which is not good. Those babies need naps real bad. But...the upside is they sleep all nite for the folks! Bad thing...I'm not able to do any kind of office work that I need to do all week since none of the kids nap. So, I had to go in this weekend to do that kind of thing to kind of keep up with it. Not too sure if that's gonna go on for long!
beb48 Posted - 08/22/2013 : 3:53:16 PM
I'm tired. I've been working on a Wellness Program for our medical plan. That's work. We have one, but I'm working on 'beefing it up.' Everything that crosses my desk on medical, which is a lot, proclaims Wellness Programs as the greatest thing since sliced bread. OK. I'll work on it. But my eyes are tired and burning right now. Too much.

Glad you've been able to get in the building finally. That has to help you out some. Great idea having one of the helpers over to work with the kids, get used to them. Good for everyone, including you.

So your son has returned to school. It's tough getting back to the old schedule. Mine started on the 12th. She loves it. My GS started this week on Monday. He's enjoying it too, but then he's taking 'his favorite' courses - computer courses.

Have a great weekend.
jenjs Posted - 08/19/2013 : 9:14:49 PM
Here I am! Been able to get into the building finally to start getting things going. Now I have my kids back this week, but I'm having one of the helpers come to the house to get used to the kids while I go back & forth to the building to do whatever I need to there. It's gonna be interesting here the next 2 weeks I'll tell you that!

School starts tomorrow, he's dragging his feet, most definitely. Uff, tomorrow's gonna be such a struggle!
beb48 Posted - 08/16/2013 : 09:55:23 AM
A bike show sounds like fun. Labor Day. It will be here before we know it. Couple of weeks.

12 hour shifts. I feel like I'm dragging after a regular week these days. I'm hoping to semi-retire next year. I want to work, but only PT. I don't want to wait to retire until I'm too sick to enjoy it. That's happened to so many people in my family.

I've had sinus problems, but that isn't anything major. This summer has been nice, not too hot or humid. Somehow it has effected my sinuses though. Certainly could be worse.

Jenjs, how's the daycare going? Working inside yet? Is your son back in school yet?

My GD started Monday, 8/12. Isn't that unbelievable? It gets earlier and earlier every year. My GS goes back to college on Monday the 19th. I 'return' to work!

Have a great weekend.

417harley Posted - 08/15/2013 : 6:35:24 PM
Bought somemore chrome roses for the bike we have a bike show comming up in sept.over labor day may take and enter it would be a first for me but everyone thinks the bike is all me.I really do love it.No sturgis this year been there 3 times it is something to see and also some really pretty places to see.Your niece sounds like alot of fun.your right would probably hit it off.

Doing 12 hr shifts yesterday and 2 for next week that I know of maybe more.Sounds you both are really busy.just stay on top and somehow you'll see the finish line.Take care and stay safe.
beb48 Posted - 08/05/2013 : 09:41:06 AM
I hope that very soon you can get into the building and get on with your work and with your life. Unfortunately, our lives do revolve to a great extent around our work. Approvals for this, that, etc. seem to take forever.

Removing wallpaper. OMG! That would be a nightmare. I only have it in one room, kitchen, and that's only a border. I'd hate to have to take it down in other rooms. I've been looking at paint samples. I need to get on the stick, off my buns, and get the paint and get to painting. I'd kind of like to wait until the windows can be open though.

Made it to the gym over the weekend for water walking. I'm back to that. I need to exercise. So I decided to rejoin the gym. Water walking is what I like best.

This has been an unbelievable summer so far. So very different from last year - thank God. It's nice out this morning, but it's going to rain.

Get back in here when you can, Harley!

Hang in there, jenjs.
jenjs Posted - 08/01/2013 : 4:12:13 PM
I'm so glad that Harley had checked in! Now, if she can just keep it up....

Sturgis is comin up here very soon, like the end of this week I believe. I know of quite a few people goin there. I could easily see Harley going. So, Harley.....plan on taking the trek to Sturgis?! I don't think I could do it. I know hubs would want to just for the law enforcement side of it, to see how they deal with all of that.

As for the new daycare, I'm pretty much at a standstill right now. I can't do anything else from home. I have to be able to get into the building to finish up what I need to do for licensing. This sitting on my tush is getting old! I'm ready for the real work of it now! Let me get to it! I'm antsy already!

Now, as for the house. Sheesh. I still don't have my tub I so desperately need. I'm in the process of trying, repeat, TRYING to remove old wallpaper border & it's going to be the death of me. I did find the process of doing it. The 1st prob. Easy. The 2nd room, well, it's gonna be the death of me! I'm not sure if it was the glue, or the paper itself, or the wall texture or just all of it together but I spent all day yesterday on it & I still don't have it finished. I was hoping to get 3 rooms all done yesterday.....HA! Boy was I totally off on that. My neck, shoulders & back are killing me, specially my neck. Uff.

HA! The tread.....poor thing is down in the basement, never been touched since we moved! Some days I really should go down there & hop on it, but I just can't get the gumption to do it. Not good!
beb48 Posted - 07/29/2013 : 10:08:52 AM
Harley????!!! Do my eyes deceive me? I am so happy that you posted. You have to stop worrying jenjs and me. You have been one busy woman with all the work you've been doing 'at work' as well as at 'home.' You bike sounds beautiful. I'll bet that makes you happy.

My niece stopped by yesterday to see me. She used to live here in town, but moved 125 mi from here by her mom. That's where I want to move eventually. My niece absolutely loves bikes. She was in town for a poker run. When they have one, she finds one of her buddies here and comes up for the weekend. I'll bet the 2 of you would get along beautifully. Different things you say make me think the 2 of you are a lot alike. She loves jeans, tank tops, t-shirts, hoodies, boots. She had her 'biker boots' on yesterday. She's absolutely adorable. A heart as big as all outdoors and was heading home to her son. She's a laborer, with her dad. Hard work and she was complaining about all the aches and pains that are 'making her old.' Right. She's 33. Old?? Me thinks not!

Jenjs, you're still working away on the new daycare. I've never done anything like that before, but I'll bet there's a tremendous amount of work. Then there are building codes that you have to be aware of and heaven help you if you mess up. Electrical, plumbing . . . it could be a nightmare.

So how's the new house coming? Are you getting used to it? Do all of you enjoy it? How about the treadmill; is it set up in the basement or have you even had time for it?

I rejoined the gym. I miss my water walking. So I joined again. I figure 'I deserve it.' I'm beginning to lose weight again too. Alleluia.

It's great to have you back with us, Harley.
417harley Posted - 07/27/2013 : 6:37:19 PM
first day off in weeks really nice to be home and do nothing if thats what i want to do.Have a 12 hr shift come monday but thats a da away.Like you it really nice here for a few days about 76 at the end of july needed some cool days so the pasture wont burn up.Had about 1/2 in of rain yesterday really needed it could use alot more.

sounds like your really busy with the daycare hope it gets up and going for you real soon nice there are people like you that are good with other peoples kids not something I could do for long I'll take my animals anyday over a bunch of kids.Better get almost chore time the goats seem to let me know when its supper.Take care have a good weekend.

jenjs Posted - 07/17/2013 : 3:09:57 PM
HARLEY!! HARLEY HARLEY HARLEY! So happy to have seen you check in with us! We've missed you! Hope that you're doin much better, sounds like it by the way you're talkin. And still have the German's around, that's a way to keep ya on your toes!

Here we're already in mid-July already. By the time ya know it we'll have the friggin white stuff on the ground. We will here! Today it's 66 outside, I know right?! I love it! Since we don't have the A/C here at the new place it's a gift, it really is. I do think we'll be able to handle this summer just fine if it keeps up like this! The humidity is heavy here & that I'm so not used to. At all. Even at 50%, it's not much really, but when you're used to anywhere between 15-25%, it's a huge difference!

I'm still trying to get things worked up for this new daycare but we're nowhere near ready for moving into or anything. I'm getting a little leary of it all. Trying to get time with the boss to go over stuff is pulling teeth. She's one busy woman & with building a new place, she's even more so. I can't really do anything else with no building to get into or even a timeframe of when we can get into it. So I'll just be sitting around doing nothing for awhile I'm afraid.

And Harley, I do hope you can stick around for awhile this time!!
417harley Posted - 07/16/2013 : 8:53:31 PM
Well well looks like you both are still here.I did'nt fall off the face of the earth just seems like it.We have been working 7 days a week going in at 4am on sundays and lots of 12 hr shifts during the week.German guys were here for a week they spent lots of time out at our place.Have new equipment being put in so lots of work and lots of changes.

Have 6 new calves,had 12 little goats,40 new baby chickens,3 new baby peacocks,30 guinnes and a partragie in a pear all the hay up so wont have to worry about running out this winter seems like i just can't get caught up by the time i get home and chores done i'm ready for bed.

I had an old camero that I traded to a guy for a new paint job on my Harley just got it back yesterday it is a dark cherry with lots of metal flack and the tanks have silver roses on them the back fender has a rose and butterfly and the front has a single rose on it first time I'v had a bike that was custom made just for little ole me.the guys at work told me not to go to girly on it or it would'nt be me they all said it looked really good and fit me to a tee.Don't knw any thing else so will get glad to see you both are ok and hope you have a nice summer.Take care.
beb48 Posted - 07/15/2013 : 1:46:47 PM
A playful ghost . . . well, that's fun. You sound happy. That's good. You also sound busy. That's good too. You'd be bored if you weren't busy.

I can't believe it's been over 2 weeks since I've checked in. Time flies and it flies faster in the summer. 4th of July came and went. Then I don't know what's gone on since then - other than a lot of work here and at home. Life's so different in the summer.

I miss the pool in the backyard. My daughter didn't put it up this year because she and the kids have passes to what's called 'Splash City.' It's a waterpark. So why put the pool up. Fine. I'm not in the mood to do all the work for it either. I had dropped my membership to the gym. So guess what - I'm joining again. I love the water walking. I'm getting 'steps' in. I have my Fitbit (a glorified pedometer, but I love it.). It isn't enough though. I'm losing weight, but I need more exercise. So it will be back to the gym. I've got to get there this week and join.

It's been hot and humid here. I hate humidity. Just hate it. But that's summer in the Midwest.

I'm glad you're enjoying your new home - ghost and all. How's the new job going?

I'll try to do better and write more often.
jenjs Posted - 06/27/2013 : 3:48:35 PM
I swear I thought I wrote a reply.....We do have a gadget ghost in this house. I'll explain...

First thing: Our doorbell was broken. The ringer was busted outside so no one could press it, therefore no doorbell. Well, one night we were in the kitchen having dinner & the doorbell goes off. I thought nothing of it & went to the door. Then I remembered---broken. Uff!

Second: The kitchen has been added onto, so everything is pretty much all new (within 5 yrs). I get everything all set up & go to use the can opener one day...doesn't work. Okay, so I move it to another outlet. Doesn't work. Works in only 1 outlet. Whaaa? But now...all the outlets work-----someone's playing.

Third: This just started today. Hubs got himself a new sporty car. Has a fancy remote keyring & all that kind of stuff, ok. SO I'm in one of the front rooms with the kids & all of a sudden I hear the remote making this weird noise. I thought maybe hubs was home & messing around or something. Nope. Huh. It did it again not even an hr later. I swear, someone's having a good ol time & it's only with me, not when everyone's around!!! Well, except the doorbell the 1st time, we all heard it then.

At least we finally have the internet all back. Just have to get my tub, but I have a feeling that may take til fall, ugh. I can't handle that thought.
beb48 Posted - 06/21/2013 : 3:19:04 PM
I've been very busy at work. I can't believe it's been so long since I checked in. I had an audit that I just finished. Now I was advised of one coming mid-August. I have time, but there's so much prep work involved.

Glad you're all moved in. I like bubble baths. I know what you mean. During the week it's usually a quick shower in the morning and I take more time when I'm off work.

How's the new job? Moving, getting settled in a new home, getting used to a new job, problems with Internet - you have your hands full. I guess all you can do is take it one day at a time. That's it.

I'm beginning to think that Harley will not check in again. I hope there isn't anything wrong though.

Enjoy your new home.
jenjs Posted - 06/17/2013 : 10:42:40 PM
Sorry I haven't checked in for so long! I still don't have regular internet, I have to resort to stealing from my sister or from neighbors or going to free Wi-Fi places. It really is getting to be a royal pain in the butt. No matter how many times I call the place to moan about them not coming when they were supposed to exchange the stuff, it makes no difference. Uff, sooo frustrated!!!

But finally all moved in. Need to get a bathtub installed still, which I'm sure will still take weeks to come. I absolutely hate showers! This is very hard for me to say the least. I'm totally having tub withdrawls.

It's been a tough week so far in the new house!!
beb48 Posted - 06/06/2013 : 4:35:46 PM
The days fly by. Too bad you have nothing but mud and can't play in the yard this summer. I too hope the move is worth it. I'm sure it will be for the best.

I do believe Harley has totally forgotten us. And we're so adorable!

Good luck with the move. Glad you had a great time with your oldest. The mountains - oh, I do love them. There's nothing as gorgeous as the mountains. I don't live near any, but I have been on vacations and seen them. I fell in love with them years ago.

Good luck!
jenjs Posted - 05/30/2013 : 3:45:34 PM
The trip is always good! Always hard to come back to this ugly, ugly place after being in such beautiful mountains & of course being with my oldest. I do miss him so.

We have rain, yet again. We will all thru the weekend it calls for. A big mud hole in the backyard. The new owners are starting work on a garage so there's lots of digging & lots of mess now. Thought it was bad's triple that now for the dogs. Uff. How I hate that! Over at the new house won't be any better at all. That backyard is getting all ripped apart too. So I can't plant or do anything probably at all this year. Too much going on.

Next weekend is the big move, yuck! Lord how I hate having to do all of that again. Just the thought of it makes me cringe. And so much work we have to do inside & outside both, gives me the willies. Just hope it ends up being worth it all in the long run.

I'm beginning to wonder what happened to our Harley girl. She's dropped off again!
beb48 Posted - 05/28/2013 : 4:39:12 PM
The days are going faster and faster. I can't believe I haven't been in here in over a week.

How was your trip to Wyoming? I'm sure you had a good time and that it was wonderful to see your oldest son.

The weather has been nice here. The weekend was cool actually - 60's, which I love, but it isn't great for everyone who wants to swim beginning Memorial weekend. It's warming up.

I haven't planted a lot, and what I did plant it's in pots. Makes life easier and the ground/soil just isn't that great at my house. It's an old mining town. My mom always told me there's too much coal in the soil. It's taken me all these years, but guess what -she was right!

I wouldn't want to pack up and move, but you will be so happy with your new home - more room for one thing.

Yes, it's way past time for harley to jump in and say 'Hi gals! Life's good, but I've been busy. The chickens (whatever), the cow (whatever). I miss hearing about her critters.
jenjs Posted - 05/15/2013 : 4:01:07 PM
I have a spare second or two so I thought I'd pop in!

Hope you had a great mom's day. Kiddo & I went to Minot. Hubs had to be on call so he couldn't leave town. Oh well, we had a nice day anyways. Hubs always says I'm not his mother anyhow. That's the kind of guy he is. Not very, what's the word I want to use....not really emotional. Not really sure what to use! He can be very emotional at times, almost very diva-ish even! So, he's just an odd duck, we'll just say that.

I'm not planting or anything until we're all done & moved. Ugh. I hate the thought of it even. We're having a fence put up, so the lawn will be dug up & all, so I won't even bother messing with trying to get a decent lawn until mid June if even then. Yuck. I hate moving!!!

My allergies have really kicked my butt this year & I don't really get why. It was way bad last week, I thought it was the end of me for sure. About time it started to go away a bit, I was really hating getting up in the mornings! Plus taking care of 4 small ones on top of that, yuck. Last week was not a good one at all.

Harley does need to get her butt in here & check in!

Hope you too have a good weekend. Next week kiddo & I are off to Wyo!! Can't wait to go see my oldest baby!! Community © 2000-06 Snitz Communications Go To Top Of Page
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