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hammond02 Posted - 05/07/2006 : 11:30:24 AM
I am new to food fit. I have been watching my calories and lost ten pounds. The problem is I am asthmatic and my physician has started me on medication that will cause me to retain water, it will also increase my appetite. How can I battle the water gain and feeling a huge increase in my appetite. I have been considering going off the medication. I am starting to get a little depressed.

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Holly Posted - 05/07/2006 : 12:54:04 PM
I know this will sound crazy, but to not retain water you need to drink lots of it. Your body holds onto water when it thinks you are dehydrated. So, if you drink plenty - and I mean PLENTY (like take your body weight divide by 2 = the number of ounces you should drink at a MINIMUM). So if you weight 180 pounds, drink 90 ounces of water.

Another thing is to consume as little sodium as possible. Your body needs to keep a certain balance of salt to water in your body for it to function properly. So, if you consume excess salt, your body holds onto even more water to keep the ratio where it needs to be.

Also, you should ask the doctor if taking a diuretic is okay with the medication.

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