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 a 1750 calorie deficit/calcount means i'm able to:

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BMWRedheadBella Posted - 03/23/2008 : 9:04:56 PM
hola chicas and god speed to you all as you are hoping to reach your healthy weight loss goal all of 08 as last year from jan.1st to may i was so happy lost around fast imo i lose 31 or so pounds i am tall so i carry "excess weight"very well but i am now again ready to lose it but the"right way to keep it ALL OF THIS END of winter/spring etc.
so i have a question on this whole calorie intake so PLEASE answer IF
you have knowledge of this gracias!


i am suppose to have a 1750 calorie count/ 2000 cal as i assume
this is meaning"to eat WITHIN AND NOT GO OVER YOUR CALORIE Intake am i correct?" as below is what i had the past day or two:

1) tea with lemon(fresh)dash of sugar and untoast rye bread (un-toasted NO butter etc.) and SPECIAL K bowl of cereal/milk.

2) 2:45 pm. i had grapes up to 8 and five UNSALT pretzels,with two glass o agua!(water)and special K CEREAL measuring it to one full cup with 1 to 2 % milk.(1 glass of water) two piece(S)rye toast with very light but tasty jelly on it.

3) 5:30-6:p.m.
*even though i felt like i was already getting FULL by three lol
as i had "already i had three helpings of healthy delicioso green leaf collard(s)greens mustard greens kale mix & THREE GLASS water.

4)8 p.m. 1/2 small piece of chicken SKINLESS breast(baked)no oil or marg on it no salt either and ANOTHER SINGLE one cup full helping of greens again.

5) easter time is here so i did have these "five"baked homemade or betty crocker bake sugar cookies! i did not "need to"being honest but
I RARELY EAT SWEETS for i did no harm done i hear from mi amigo,friend whose in school for being a "nutritionist"and her fiance
in Med school...LOL

now i want all of you guys HONEST opinion on a diet
(1750 calories intake)

if i keep eating this way am i going to do alright with losing
2 pounds a week through july 4th or before,eating this way?

i also LAST note drink usually even "1/2 gal to ONE whole gal almost per day and i LOVE GREEN LEAF veggies daily,and i only have cookie & or snak once in a blue moon,if that! LOL

hoping for informative info on this/replies etc.

as i am attempting to remain within my 1750-2000 cal deficit to lose weight continuously and remain healthy!

gracias.thnx so much i am in the nyc and nj local area.

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dianne65 Posted - 03/26/2008 : 1:21:40 PM
I do believe as long as you stay w/ in the 1750-2000cal intake, it doesn't really matter what food you eat. However, if wanting to be healthy, the veggies and such are much better than the cookies.
I know with Weight Watchers, you have a certain number of "points" to eat each day w/ some bonus points during the week. It doesn't matter how or what you eat to arrive there, you just can't go over.
Personally, I enjoy little snackie type foods throughout the day. So I use my cals. on all sorts of different stuff. Veggies and fruits are quite low, so I try to eat lots of veggies so that I can have my 22 jelly beans too. Community © 2000-06 Snitz Communications Go To Top Of Page
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