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Posted - 02/08/2007 :  9:16:56 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Topic  Reply with Quote  View user's IP address  Delete Topic
Tell me if you have noticed this in your own day to day.

I woke up yesterday, after sleeping with my arms around that some one special, with pains in my shoulders and back...assuming I just slept wrong, I got up and brushed my teeth and went about my day. As I walked my honey out to his car I raised my arms to give him a hug and felt that twinge in my shoulders again. Hmmmmm, I thought to myself.

A little back story: I have always had problems with tight hamstrings and malformation of hip muscles that can be treated by stretching, if I actually stuck with the stretching-

SO, the lightbulbs started going off in my head as I walked the stairs back up to my apartment. I do believe that my lack of activity is a severe problem. My muscles are to tight for my own good, and it has finally started to effect my day to day.

So this is what I propose: focus on streatching, get those muscles back, so when the excersize finally does come it isn't as painful!

If any of this sounds familiar let's start ASAP, I would love to hear what helps, DVD suggestions, anything you got, and I will share my discoveries too!

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Posted - 02/09/2007 :  11:06:10 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Reply  Reply with Quote  View user's IP address  Delete Reply
I used to have problems with very tight muscles in my back. Good old yoga has saved me from a lot of pains. I stretch before and after exercise and the major differances I noticed is a can bend over and I can move my hips when I dance. And did you know that the tightness of the muscles in the back of your legs has lot to do with back's tightness and pains? Also stretching and massage helps your body get rid of some stored up toxins. Be sure and also drink lots of water to help flush them out ;)

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Posted - 02/17/2007 :  11:16:33 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Reply  Reply with Quote  View user's IP address  Delete Reply
provided you get an o.k. from your doctor, I see no reason why you could not start out slow and easy. Make sure you breath in on realaxing and blow slowly out thru the stetch. If you have someone willing AND that you trust, have him/her stand while you lie on your back. Have the person cradle lower leg (as if carrying a baby) with on arm. The the arm should give light support to your slightly bent knee.
Inhale in Before you are assisted up with one leg. As the leg lifts breate slowly out. DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO GO ANY FURTHER THAT WHEN YOU HAVE BLOWN OUT ALL BREATH. Reps of 3 to begin. (TIP: soaking in a tub of warm water prior seems to help me be able to stretch easier.)
You can do same thing by yourself by gathering a sheet at the arch of your foot and grabbing hold of each end ,thereby controlling your own stretch entirely. After stretch tip: SEE pre-stretch. ahhhhhhh

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