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 sticking to my food while making theirs
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Posted - 10/07/2005 :  3:17:40 PM  Show Profile  Edit Topic  Reply with Quote  View user's IP address  Delete Topic
just couldn't stand to see this thread remain empty! plus I have a real issue I'm trying to figure out.

in the last year or so I have made fairly dramatic changes to my diet, partly due to my own health issues that require it. BUT - my family can't really eat this way. Can't or won't? it doesn't much matter because I'm outvoted.

I find the teenage daughter loves my creative veggie dishes, etc, but the boys wont eat them (too spicy! no meat! no cheese!) and the whole family is fed up with the lack of wheat in the house. they want pasta and they want it now, and will mom PUH-lease cease making cookies with spelt? it's so grooooossssssss... and why dont we even OWN sugar anymore? how am I supposed to eat my cereal? Mom?

okay, so I'm being a little sarcastic. but it's frustrating. and more and more I find I do just eat the wheat bread because it's available, or maked the cookies with sugar and then eat them, and buy pasta and make it (and then what is there for me to eat?) and it is not just harming my health but any progress I was making on my waistline has ceased.

this long diatribe (why yes thank you I do feel a little better!) was just a build up to asking for some advice. does anyone out there in the either have suggestions for dinners that are both wheat and sugar free (and mostly meat free and corn free) and kid friendly? I have invented a great chili recipe that works well, because the kids can slather theirs with cheese while I choose not to, and a few other things work - cockaleeky soup, kichari (kids dip chips into it) and pretty much any fish recipe.

I've gotten quite sick again and doc says to quit allowing the naughties (wheat, sugar, red meat, corn) back into my diet. so I really have to kick this into high gear. I just feel I'm facing a battle or cooking two dinners every night.


/end rant

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Posted - 10/09/2005 :  10:59:04 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Reply  Reply with Quote  View user's IP address  Delete Reply
Comet, Comet, COMET!!

This is a VERY good thread to start!! Some of us here do or don't have children and most of us at least have a spouse that does not share the same love of healthier choices that we all do (is LOVE a little too strong of a word? OK, how about DESIRE?)

A while back a good friend of mine was taken away from this board due to motherhood. She has no more time to commit to the computer (OMG - Comet! You and she would TRULY enjoy each other! I have to get her back!).... she would discuss the difficulty of living with a carnivore who has remained te same size since high school while she is an omnivore who's body has a tendancy to "save it for a famine". Her husband does not eat many greens and veggies and tends to lean toward meat and potatoes. Substitutions are not well recieved (Turkey Kilbasa is a no no, etc.) let alone a meatless dish. We have commiserated many times about this challenge.

I am fortunate to have a husband who WILL eat eggplant and mushrooms and tofu and quiche..... but he will never, repeat, NEVER eat beans of any kind, cabbage of any kind, brussels sprouts, and a few other favorites of mine.... so I have adapted (kind of).

Comet, I was/am working on writing a cookbook and thinking of naming it something like: Insert Your Meat Here (no kidding)

The premise of my book is to provide low fat/low calorie recipes that include all of the elements of a healthy meal: proteins, grains, vegitables, carbs, etc. I do not eat warm blooded animals so the one thing all the recipes leave out are meat. I have found my self going back to those COMFORT FOOD recipes and modifying them to fit my desires. As a result I usually come up with a WONDERFUL low fat/low cal recipe that could include one extra ingredient: MEAT.

An example is my LOVELY mushroom stroganoff. The recipe is simply devine and simple without meat, but served with a side dish of prepared meat it takes one a completely different spin for those who feel the need to have meat with their meal!!! I do the SAME thing with my veggie chilie!! I show up at a party with my veggie chilie and a package of ground sausage, ground round or whatever and have the host brown it in a skillet to serve alongside the chilie.... I ALWAYS get asked to bring it again.

You do face a few more challenges than most. Pasta would have to be handled differently. Perhaps you could boil your jerusalem artichoke pasta first, scoop it out of the water and keep warm for your dish, then plunk the family's regular pasta (or 1/2 WW + 1/2 reg) into the boiling pot and go from there! Those boys are craving a lot of proteins and will be burning a lot of fuel right about now so if you make a PREFECT meal for YOU and then provide a simple (and CHEAP) roasted chicken or pork loin or pot roast "on the side" for your family, EVERYONE will be happy!

So, what I am saying is that with a little creativity you can provide the elements your family craves.

This only works if you do not feel as if you are NOT being deprived! I have not been eating meat for so long that I prefer not to even mess with it OR clean up AFTER it. It is SO GREASY on my hands and skin.... mind you, I LOVE A RARE STEAK!! I just have not had one in about... hmmmmm....10 years? So design the meal around YOUR NEEDS and "adapt" the meal to your family: "Insert Your Meat (and Pasta and Dairy and....) Here"

Sorry so long!!! I just got back from out of town and HAD to make my mark on here somewhere!!! <3 :-P

2x4 ~ CW:150+ ~ GW for now: below 140 ~ I think I can! I think I can!

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Posted - 12/23/2005 :  01:37:56 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Reply  Reply with Quote  View user's IP address  Delete Reply
It is going to be difficult for me to watch what I eat when my step children come to visit two days a week as they are sooo addicted to SUGAR... LOL.. I buy a fruit or veggie tray every week and snack on that when they are over. It is hard to find low fat choice in "Cajun Country." LOL

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Posted - 01/19/2007 :  8:24:37 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Reply  Reply with Quote  View user's IP address  Delete Reply
Why do you have to do everything. I say teach the kids to cook and they can help make some healthy choices for dinner. Also what about salads? Everyone can add their own different things to it -- meat for the kids or cheese, beans for you, etc.
Also what I have found about myself, it sounds trite but it works, is that often when I am craving something sweet, what my body actually is is thirsty. So I drink a glass or two of water, wait 10 minutes and then choose a snack if I'm still hungry.

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Alex Michael

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Posted - 04/23/2008 :  7:26:26 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Reply  Reply with Quote  View user's IP address  Delete Reply
Love this goes not only for you, but I think any parent that tries to begin a more healthy lifestyle (whether doctor recommended or a self-starter)when they have let there children eat whatever. Those changes are harder as each year goes by. I do not have a recipe for my diet does not call to be regulated in such a way, but I have a concept: For those of you just starting a relationship (new boyfriend, step children, new babies) 'You get what you get and you do not throw a fit.' If we are talking a man...and all he wants are meat and potatoes...then he can make them. If we are talking children...they are resilient VERY...I make a healthy dinner (Vegetarian by the way) and they eat it...OR they do not.. Guess what...they are hungry at breakfast...and the same rule applies...guess what? THEY EAT WHAT I PREPARE FOR THEM. To avoid poor snacking habbits...I do not EVER buy 'traditional' snacks...My children eat strawberries (not with sugar) blueberries, granola berry cereal...they think a granola bar is a candy bar....carrots are like candy to them. If it doesn't exist in the house..there is no one wanting it. Thank goodness their father is, for the most part, like minded...but having been recently divorced the kids will ask for sweets that they know I do not allow...I just shake my head...and we go on. NOW, i do let the kids have organic oatmeal cookies and chocolate (pure chocolate)...every now and again. What a great topic!! Adjusting takes time, set boundaries...and you will reach your goal, making your children healthier along the way. MY mother always made a separate meal for me...not only did I grow up to have major dental issues, but a poor eating habbit to boot...and my poor mother. Yo can not please everyone, and may be even hindering them by doing so. Best Wishes.

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Posted - 05/17/2008 :  9:22:48 PM  Show Profile  Edit Reply  Reply with Quote  View user's IP address  Delete Reply
You gave some great advise here!

Kids can get involved in the cooking & it can be quite fun. If they are kept away from too much tv - NICKELODEON is the worst - they don't get the "I want" mes. There are healthy treats you can make w/o refined sugar in them that they will LOVE.

You can't change someone else. All you can do is be a model. There are many more gluten free pastas & other foods out there. It's really a shame that the rest of the family isn't supporting you. If they want to eat crap - let them make it. You need to keep healthy!

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