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Mind Body Spirit
December 4, 2016

We all feel the need to find balance in our lives. Whether you find yours through yoga, meditation or reading a good book, it's an important part of staying centered through life's twists and turns. We hope you'll visit this area to find new ideas for getting inspired and living your life in balance.

Shape Your Life

The Power of Yoga
"Never to old, never too sick, never too late" is one of the mantras of yoga. Whether you are a girl of nine or a woman of ninety, yoga has something to offer you. Read our interview with Deborah Dougherty to discover yoga's benefits.

Your Inner Self

Mindful Eating
See how one expert teaches spa-goers to forge a new relationship with food. With her simple, meditative tips, you'll savor and appreciate what you eat—and in turn, eat more healthfully.

Experience Joy

A Look Within
Sports psychologists suggest that external and internal factors affect the way we think, feel and ultimately perform. Their theory and mental training techniques are being widely adopted. Read what one expert has to say about regaining control and coming out on top.

Talk to Other Members
How do you beat stress? What type of workout leaves you feeling refreshed? Share your experiences in our Club-exclusive Mind/Body/Spirit forum.


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