Success Stories

December 6, 2016

Meet Our Stars

We love to hear from our members about how they've started eating healthier, exercising more and losing weight. Read what FoodFit Plan members across the country have to say about how we've helped them stay on track with their goals. We hope you find success with us too. Join today!

"I love going to and checking all the good advice you have available for us, especially the delicious recipes. I have made a lot of the recipes, and both the family and myself have enjoyed them."


"I owe Foodfit a long overdue THANK YOU for allowing healthy living and cooking to mesh into my busy, active life. I put on a few pounds after getting married and accepting a job where I primarily work on a computer all day, and with the help of regular exercise and your recipes, I took off 25 pounds in 6 months and feel great. Your recipes are quick, easy and tasty! In fact, I love your website so much I have forwarded the link to quite a few people in my office.

Thank you for doing a great job!"

Nancy from Houston, TX

"My mom referred me to your site. Your recipes are great. I'm on Weight Watchers and needed some creativity in what I was eating. Hats off to you on a great, well-informed site for those of us who try to eat right!

Debbie from Washington, DC

"Thanks for providing the community with a great nutrition website. I am a registered dietitian and often search for recipes tailored for my patients. Keep up the good work!"


"Your plan is exciting and very complete. Lots of new 'stuff!' We dieters are always looking for something different and interesting!! EUREKA!! I think I've just found it!"


"I will have to say that FoodFit is the best thing that ever happened to my husband and myself. Thank you very much."



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