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by Dr. Caroline Silby

 The knowledge and expectations you have about exercise can determine your fitness success.

This quiz will help you become more aware of your beliefs and knowledge about exercise. Click GO after each statement to find out if you're right or wrong — click details to get the full story!

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1 Exercise releases endorphins in the brain, altering moods details TRUE
2 Exercise enhances high-density lipoproteins (HDL) levels, which improves health details TRUE
3 Past exercise experiences have no effect on present experiences details TRUE
4 Exercise helps keep lost weight off details TRUE
5 Exercise plays a significant role in initial weight loss details TRUE
6 Low to moderate activity, such as walking (that requires less than 60% of maximal capacity) leads to:      
  a. Increased food intake A
  b. Decreased food intake B
  c. Has no effect C  
7 Vigorous exercise (that requires 70% or more of maximal capacity) leads to:      
  a. Increased food intake & stable body weight A
  b. Increased food intake & unstable body weight B
  c. Decreased food intake & stable body weight C  
  d. Decreased food intake & unstable body weight D  
  e. No effect on food intake or body weight E  
6 Women who exercise tend to compensate by:      
  a. Increasing their food intake A
  b. Decreasing their food intake B
  c. Not altering their food intake C  
6 A person who believes "no pain, no gain" is likely to:      
  a. Exercise consistently A
  b. Get more benefits from their fitness regime B
  c. Drop out C  
10 Consistent exercisers tend to:      
  a. Exercise when they can find time A
  b. Exercise over their lunch hour B
  c. Exercise in the morning C  
  d. Exercise in the evening D  
6 The most important facet of exercise in improving health is:      
  a. Consistency A
  b. Type of exercise B
  c. Amount of exercise C  

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