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Holistic Healing: Tai Chi and Qigong, Part II (cont.)

FoodFit   Do you believe tai chi and qigong are practices anyone can benefit from? What recommendations do you have for someone who is interested in them or is just beginning to engage in them?



Qigong and tai chi have no downsides. Anyone aged three to 300 can and will benefit from regular practice. One's physical or mental-emotional health is not an obstacle to the practice. Movements can be modified for all levels of fitness, depending on flexibility, joint mobility, arthritis, strength and endurance levels and even physical disabilities.

There exist form variations for seated and supine practice as well. Absolutely everyone who practices will benefit from increased health and vitality. The best recommendations are:

  • Find a teacher who is not somber.
  • Choose exercises and sets that appeal to the individual.
  • Practice consistently.
  • Be patient with one's progress.

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About John Crowl

John has been studying and practicing martial arts for 25 years, starting with judo and American boxing in his pre-teens. Seven years ago, he shifted focus to the internal martial arts of tai chi and qigong. John has been practicing devotedly several hours every day since then. The shift in focus came about through recovery from a cross between environmental illness and chronic fatigue brought on by his commercial business. John is not a master, but is a devoted student and practitioner. His practice focuses on cultivation of the life essence, increasing vitality and clarity and healing all imbalances and ailments. John shares his practice and understanding of these profound disciplines, and the change and difference that these practices can manifest in anyone's life.


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