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Fitting in Fitness

The holidays are here, time is tight, and often the first thing to fall by the wayside is your fitness routine. When there are parties to attend, dinners to make, cookies to bake and presents to buy, it's tough to squeeze in an hour-long workout. At the same time, exercise is the best remedy for the added stress and anxiety that the season can bring. Don't fret—and don't give up on getting exercise—armed with our tips, you'll remain fit and fabulous throughout the festivities.

  Holiday events are often in the evening. If you usually exercise after work, switch your routine for a few weeks and work out in the morning or during your lunch break.

  If you know you won't have the chance to fit exercise into your day, take the dog on an extra long walk or walk to the grocery store to pick up last minute items.

  Even if you usually can't stand them, find an exercise tape that you like. When bad weather hits or you don't have enough time to commute to the gym, you won't have to skip your workout.

  Add exercise to your "to do" list and give it the same importance as your other errands.

  Maximize your time. Use your lunch break to walk to a nearby shopping center to do holiday errands.

  Focus on fitness during the weekends. Get outside for an hour or more of hiking, skiing, snowshoeing or sledding with your kids. If you're in a warm-weather state, use the time for a long bike ride. A 150-pound person will burn more than 400 calories by hitting the slopes for an hour, or nearly 450 with an hour of skating.

  Raking leaves, shoveling snow and chopping wood are all a great workouts. You'll burn several hundred calories doing either task—just make sure to protect your back.

Frances Largeman, RD, Managing Editor
and Bonnie Moore, Executive Chef


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